WiLink8  R8.7

Release date: 01-June-2016

Release Information

This page contains specific information about WL18xx WLAN IP R8.7 software release package. The information in this page and reference is targeted to cover the feature content, build instructions, and prebuilt images for quick start.

WiLink8 Product downloads

Title Description Size
WiLink™ 8 Release Documentation
R8.7 Release Notes Link to R8.7 Release Notes
WiLink™ 8 Solutions Landing Page Link to WiLink™ 8 Solutions Landing Page
WiLink™ 8 Wiki Landing Page Link to WiLink™ 8 Wiki Landing Page
Software Manifest Software Manifest of components inside the release
Build instructions Guides and Tools
Getting Started Guide Link to the Getting Started Guide
Software Build scripts Downloading and building the sources
Platform Integration Guide Integration into different kernels
Previous Release Link
R8.6 Release Page R8.6 Release Page

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