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ipc Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for exports/ipc_1_25_03_15/packages/ti/ipc/:


file  GateMP.h [code]
 Multiple processor gate that provides local and remote context protection.
file  HeapBufMP.h [code]
 Multi-processor fixed-size buffer heap implementation.
file  HeapMemMP.h [code]
 Multi-processor variable size buffer heap implementation.
file  HeapMultiBufMP.h [code]
 Multiple fixed size buffer heap implementation.
file  Ipc.h [code]
 Ipc Manager.
file  ListMP.h [code]
 Multiple processor shared memory list.
file  MessageQ.h [code]
 MessageQ Manager.
file  MultiProc.h [code]
 Processor ID Manager.
file  NameServer.h [code]
 NameServer Manager.
file  Notify.h [code]
 Notification manager for IPC.
file  SharedRegion.h [code]
 Shared memory manager and address translator.
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