SYS/BIOS GA Release Notes


SYS/BIOS is a GA of SYS/BIOS 6.50. CCS users must use CCSv7.1.0 or higher.

Please read the SYS/BIOS User’s Guide for help installing and setting up your environment to use SYS/BIOS


The following documentation is provided with this release. These documents are also available via the CCS Eclipse help table of contents.

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Release notes from previous releases are also available in the release notes archive directory.

What’s New

SYS/BIOS GA Release (this release).

Defects Fixed in SYS/BIOS GA (Fixes since SYS/BIOS 6.46.04):

JIRA Issue ID Summary
SYSBIOS-347 Add support for IR14XX & IR16XX part numbers
SYSBIOS-338 C28 zero latency interrupt dispatcher does not always preserve repeat block registers
SYSBIOS-337 Fully support “Error_IGNORE” in all BIOS APIs that take EBs
SYSBIOS-336 Cannot use POSIX’s error codes in both TI-RTOS and Freertos
SYSBIOS-335 sched_get_priority_min() and sched_get_priority_max() need policy param
SYSBIOS-331 Fix typo in TI linker cmd files in concertoM3 (in platform tree)
SYSBIOS-330 Remove COFF support for all C6x targets
SYSBIOS-328 MSP432 Timer is missing from cdoc
SYSBIOS-326 Enhance documentation of
SYSBIOS-323 Task ROV view tries to fetch empty array on constructed objects
SYSBIOS-321 All Posix timed wait function timeouts should be based on CLOCK_REALTIME
SYSBIOS-316 Honor custom Hwi_resetVectors placement in all CC13/26xx ROM applications.
SYSBIOS-314 MSP430 Errata causes hang in Boot code
SYSBIOS-313 timer64 TimerRegs structure is missing some fields
SYSBIOS-312 SYS/BIOS UG should state how to enable events in Mailbox
SYSBIOS-311 ROV Task Detailed view in IAR IDE shows ??_pthread_runStub for pthreads
SYSBIOS-310 GateHwi ROV view broken in TI-RTOS CC13xx/CC26xx examples
SYSBIOS-308 Non-constructed objects should be handled gracefully in ROV
SYSBIOS-307 ARM Cortex-A/R Exception Handler corrupts SP
SYSBIOS-306 BIOS_LibType cdoc needs to be updated
SYSBIOS-303 Undefined reference to MSP432 ClockFreqs functions when building for GCC
SYSBIOS-300 Add support for C28x F28379D part
SYSBIOS-297 Switching to TI v8.1 codegen tools on C6x causes warnings
SYSBIOS-295 SYS/BIOS posix semaphore and timer return codes should match spec
SYSBIOS-293 Incorrect documentation for Task_Stat.used
SYSBIOS-291 Interrupt priority 0 should not be allowed on Cortex-A8 Hwi
SYSBIOS-290 C6x Cache_disable() does not support all cache type enums
SYSBIOS-289 Typo in the ti\sysbios\posix_time.h comments regarding CLOCK_REALTIME
SYSBIOS-288 Expose Hwi_plug in m3.Hwi module.
SYSBIOS-284 Rework cc26xx/Boot.c Timer.c and Seconds.c to support the new driverlib organization
SYSBIOS-281 Posix types.h should define ssize_t for non-GCC tools
SYSBIOS-263 Missing linker command file for F28375D
SYSBIOS-262 Modify ti.platforms.tms320x28 to quietly recognize that the F2811 device has no PLL and don’t issue the unknown device warning
SYSBIOS-257 Task’s ROV Module view does not properly handle HWI stack errors
SYSBIOS-232 Rework Clock ROV current tick computation to call meta Timer module API
SYSBIOS-224 Update cdoc documentation regarding HeapMem Module
SYSBIOS-202 AM571x/AM572x Benchloop example for Cortex-M4 imports wrong cfg file
SYSBIOS-200 Deadlock possible when Idle tasks disabled (SMP only)
SYSBIOS-199 Update C28 ROM validation script and re-enable it
SYSBIOS-194 m3 TimestampProvider does not work in m3 Timer interrupt
SYSBIOS-186 C28 Boot getFrequency() needs special case for pll bypass
SYSBIOS-185 LM4 Timer module should use bitband access to RCGC1 register bits to better accommodate older devices
SYSBIOS-151 Timer_start() for SYSTICK does not reload the timer
SYSBIOS-130 Update newlib version in gnu tree to match the one shipped with GCC 4.9 bare metal tools
SYSBIOS-14 Hwi module ROV view does not show instance label
SYSBIOS-9 BIOS 6: Load module does not work correctly when SMP is enabled

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

SYS/BIOS 6.46 and 6.45

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