TI C7000 C/C++ Optimization Guide

This guide describes the C7000™ DSP architecture and optimization techniques that are used to craft high-performance code that runs on a C7000 DSP core. It also describes tools and resources you may find useful in developing source code to run on C7000 DSPs.

Readers of this document should have the following:

  • Knowledge of C and C++.

  • Experience invoking the C7000 compiler using compiler options.

  • Knowledge of basic assembly language concepts.

  • Knowledge of CPU architectural features, such as registers, caches, and functional units.

This guide is not intended to help optimize code for the memory/cache hierarchy, MSMC, DMA, or Matrix Multiply Accelerator (MMA).


About This Document

For offline use, a PDF version of the guide is available at: TI C7000 C/C++ Optimization Guide