UniFlash 5.2.0 Release Notes

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Universal Flash Programmer for Texas Instruments devices. Provides a single interface for programming Flash memory and executing Flash based operations on supported targets.

Please read the Known Issue(s) section for issues we are currently working on, and the Issues Reporting section for information on how to report issues you come across.

What’s new for v5.2.0

System Requirements

Installation Instructions

Download the CCS UniFlash v5.2.0 build at the following locations:

(Note: there is a known issue with the Mac installer that in some cases adds an extra blank checkbox/option at the end of installation page; please ignore the option)

Getting Started

List of Supported Devices

C2000™ 32-bit Real-time Control MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
C28x Fixed-point TMS320F280x, TMS320F281x, TMS320F2801x, TMS320F28044, TMS320F2823x TI Product Page
C28x Delfino™ Floating-point Series TMS320F2833x, TMS320F2837xD. TMS320F2837xS (Including F065 variants.) TI Product Page
C28x Piccolo™ Series TMS320F2802x, TMS320F2803x, TMS320F2805x, TMS320F2806x, TMS320F2807x, TMS320F28004x TI Product Page
C28x + ARM® Cortex™ M3 Concerto™ Series F28M35x, F28M36x TI Product Page
C2838x Series F2838x TI Product Page

Hercules™ ARM® Safety MCUs

Device Series Part # Device List
TMS470M ARM Cortex-M3 Series TMS470Mx TI Product Page
TMS570 ARM Cortex-R4 Series TMS570LS20xxx/10xxx
TI Product Page
RM4 ARM Cortex-R4 Series RM48xxx
TI Product Page

MSP430™ Ultra-Low Power 16-bit Microcontroller

Device Series Part # Device List
All MSP430 Series MSP430 TI Product Page

MSP432™ Cortex M4 Microcontroller

Device Series Part # Device List
All MSP432 Series MSP432 TI Product Page

Tiva™ ARM® Cortex™-M Microcontrollers

Quick Start Guide

Device Series Part # Device List
Tiva™ C Series MCUs TM4Cx TI Product Page
Tiva™ E Series MCUs TM4Ex N/A

Wireless Connectivity CCxxxx Cortex™-M Devices

Quick Start Guide

Device Series Part # Device List
CC13xx CC13xx TI Product Page
CC253x CC2538 TI Product Page
CC26xx CC26xx TI Product Page
CC32xx/CC31xx CC32xx/CC31xx TI Product Page

UCD Digital Power Controllers

Device Series Part # Device List
UCD31xx UCD31xx TI Product Page

PGA Sensor Signal Conditioners

Device Series Part # Device List
PGA9xx PGA9xx TI Product Page

mmWave Sensors

Device Series Part # Device List
AWR AWRxxxx TI Product Page
IWR IWRxxxx TI Product Page

Sitara and K2G

Device Series Part # Device List
Sitara AM335x
TI Product Page

List of Communication Interface (Emulator) Support

List of Supported File Types



Issues Reporting

Please report all bugs, issues and enhancement requests in the following forum: https://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/default.aspx

Where to Get Help

Read the Getting Started section

Please post questions about the product in the following forum: https://e2e.ti.com/support/development_tools/code_composer_studio/default.aspx

Known Issue(s)

ID Description Targeted Release
N/A On some C2000 devices, if the device is locked, a “Verify Image” operation will fail since it does not perform an unlock operation before it tries to reads/verify memory. A workaround is to keep the core connected, unlock the core by providing the correct password, and then executing the verify operation. N/A
UNIFLASH-570 On flash devices, it is recommnded that you do not load to both RAM and flash memory in the same program, as the RAM memory can be overwritten by RAM needed by the flash algorithm. N/A
UNIFLASH-1309 On some C2000 devices, clicking on “Fill Security Fields from Target” button may not reflect correct values for LINKPOINTERS N/A
CCBT-2519 On C2000 F28004x devices, after programming any new DCSM setting, a lock/unlock GUI sequence will fail to unlock the device. A debug reset needs to be issued for the unlock to work. N/A
CCBT-2527 On C2000 F2838x devices, when the Download Setting is set to “Verify Only”, the Load Image operation will fail to execute, due to incorrect flash algorithm being loaded. As a workaround, you can use the “Verify Image” button to perform the verification operation instead. N/A

Release Archive

All released versions and download links are available HERE