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Build date: 2010-02-26 08:48:30.217387000 -0800

This is the beta release of the DVSDK 2.10 product and supports the dm365 platform. This DVSDK, coupled with the Demonstration Version of Montavista Linux Pro v5.0, gives developers the ability to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities of the various DaVinci platforms. Developers will be able to evaluate the ARM Linux programming environment and easily utilize the powerful hardware support of the dm365 SoC for H.264, JPEG and MPEG4 codecs included in the product.

The GDB Debugger is not provided with this release. Customers wishing to obtain a GDB Debugger have several options:
  • Purchase MontaVista Linux Professional 5.0 development subscription license from MontaVista and download GDB from the MontaVista Zone.
  • Download the appropriate GDB and related component sources from at no charge and build them.
  • Download the G++ tools for ARM GNU/LINUX from Both no charge evaluation versions and fully supported versions are available.
Please note that developers should only use the GDB from these tools and NOT attempt to replace the gcc compiler version in the DVSDK as this may result in build issues.

Instructions for building GDB server may be found at href=


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DVSDK_2_00 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
DM365 DVSDK 2_10_01_18 Linux DM365 DVSDK Installer 185080K
LSP 02_10_00_14 LSP 02_10_00_14 56120K
LSP 02_10_00_14 Collateral LSP 02_10_00_14 Pre-built binaries and documentation 40360K
Linux Preformance Test Bench LPTB- 27560K
Collateral Files
MVL 5.0 Tools MVL 5.0 System Tools 992892K
XDC Tools XDC Tools Version Linux 152920K
dm365_flash_image_2_10_01_18.tar Flash Restore File 110564K
data.tar.gz A/V Clips 90304K
Updated DM365 CODECS
DM365 Codec Downloads Some CODECS may not have been specificaly tested with this DVSDK version
MD5 Checksums 4K

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