TMS320VC55XCSL-LOWPWR  03_08_00_01

Build date: 10132017

Release Information

The C55x Chip Support Libraries (CSL) provide an application programming interface (API) used for configuring and controlling
the DSP on-chip peripherals for ease of use, compatibility between various C55x devices and hardware abstraction. CSL will
shorten development time by providing standardization and portability.

C55x CSL - Low Power: The functions listed in the features section are specifically designed for TMS320C55x Low Power DSPs
including C5504, C5505, C5514, C5515, C5535, C5545 and C5517 devices. 

TMS320VC55XCSL-LOWPWR Product downloads

Title Description Size
TMS320C55XXCSL-LOWPWR- v03.08.00.01 85080K
TMS320C55XXCSL-LOWPWR- v03.08.00.01 84912K
TMS320C55XXCSL-LOWPWR- v03.08.00.01 84944K
C55XCSL-LOWPOWER-3.08.00_Release_Notes.txt Release Notes 8K
Previous Release
03_07_00_01 v3.07.00.01 Released - 3 March 2017
MD5 Checksums 4K

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