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Build date: 08062010

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This demo performs Edge Detection on the DM6437 EVM

This example contains an Audio System on a Chip (Soc) application for the OMAP-L138 Evm device.

The audio Soc example contains both a DSP-side and ARM-side application. The sample application uses a DSP-side output audio driver in-conjunction with the ARM-side application to pass a PCM data (via a file) to the DSP for processing using BIOS Link. Further information can be found in the Release Notes and at

The example builds upon the standard OMAP-L138 SDK software stack using APIs from both DSP/BIOS and DSP/BIOS Link to illustrate the uses of peripheral driver on the DSP core on Soc (ARM + DSP) devices.

Source code is included to enable customers to build similar applications however it is intended for reference only.

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