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OMAP-L138_C6748 1_00_00_11 Product Download Page

Build date: 2010-05-17 15:13:40.958592000 -0700

Please start with the Getting Started Guide for complete installation instructions.
  • OMAP-L138_C6748_1_00_00_11 contains the description of each installer package. It is recommended to read it before downloading and installing the software
  • The OMAP-L138_setuplinux_1_00_00_11.bin also installs other software i.e. codec engine, framework components etc. other than the PSP. After installation, the PSP package DaVinci-PSP-SDK-03.20.xx.xx will be inside the OMAP-L138_1_00_00_11 folder. The latest standalone LSP package can also be downloaded from for the users who only want to install PSP.
  • OMAP-L138 users can choose to develop DSP code using either a Linux host or a Windows PC. For this reason, both Linux and Windows versions of BIOS, XDC tools, and code generation tools are provided for OMAP-L138 users. Users should install the appropriate version of the tools on the code development host.
  • USB0 cable usage:
    • To use USB0 on EVM board as host, please use cable/adapter with Micro-A plug to standard A receptacle (Digikey p/n H11576-ND is an example.)
    • To use USB0 on EVM board as device, please use cable/adapter with Micro-B plug to standard A plug (Digikey p/n H11504-ND is an example.)
  • When installing OMAP-L138_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe and C6748_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe, it is recommended to install them to the default installation directory.
  • The DSP/BIOS PSP installer (BIOSPSP_01_30_01.exe) is packaged inside OMAP-L138_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe/ C6748_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe for OMAP-L138/C6748 users.
  • The NSP installer (ndk2.0_omapl138_nsp_01_00_00_02.exe) requires NDK V2.01.00 package to be installed first. This is available here. More details are available in the documentation within the NSP package.

This OMAP-L138 release is beta3 and includes both CCSv3.3 and CCSv4.0. As this SDK transitions from Beta to GA, support for CCSv3.3 will be removed from the SDK. The Beta release will continue to support CCSv3.3 and CCSv4.0. The GA release will support only CCSv4.0.

The following multimedia codecs are packaged as a codec server running on the DSP core of the OMAPL1x processor.
  • Video: H.264 encoder and decoder, MPEG4 encoder and decoder, MPEG2 decoder
  • Imaging: JPEG encoder and decoder
  • Speech: G.711 encoder and decoder
  • Audio: AAC decoder

All the codecs are XDM-compliant and can be invoked by the ARM/Linux application via the Codec Engine interface.

Code Sourcery Tool Chains

Customers can download two different editions of the Code Sourcery tool chain to work with the OMAP-L1 SDK.

A 30-day evaluation copy of the Sourcery G++ Professional Edition is available at: The Professional Edition includes 30 days of free support and provides a full Eclipse GUI-based IDE. Customers who wish to continue using this product after 30 days must purchase a subscription from Code Sourcery. Users must first register to download the evaluation.

The Sourcery G++ LITE tools are available at:
The LITE tools are command line only and do not come with any support. Developers do not require any license subscription to use these.

Release Updates

Following table lists the link corresponding to each component release where any later releases might be made available. However, they are not validated with this package. It is highly recommended to use the releases supplied with this package. For any clarification, contact TI support.

Updates and Latest Release Information
PSP SDK 03.20 Latest PSP SDK Release
BIOSUSB 01.00 Latest BIOS USB Package
BIOSPSP 01.30 Latest BIOS PSP Release


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OMAP-L138_C6748 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
General Information
OMAP-L138_C6748_1_00_00_11_release_notes OMAP-L138 Release Notes [Read this 1st] 296K
Getting Started Guide Setup information [Read this next]
OMAP-L138 Linux Product Downloads
OMAP-L138_setuplinux_1_00_00_11.bin Linux OMAP-L138 Installer 348960K
OMAP-L138 Windows Product Downloads
OMAP_L138_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe Windows OMAP_L138 Installer 226096K
C6748 Product Download
Unlocked C6748_setupwin32_1_00_00_11.exe Windows C6748 Installer 213292K
Host/Platform specific stand-alone components
OMAP L138 - Linux
PSP SDK OMAP-L138 Linux PSP 121032K
File System File System and demo for OMAP L138 11644K
OMAP L138 - Windows
BIOSUSB Driver Windows DSP/BIOS USB Driver Installer
ndk2.0_omapl138_nsp_01_00_00_02.exe Freon Network Support Package NSP Installer 1904K
Common OMAP-L138 and C6748 Collateral Files
cs1omapl138_1_00_00 [prebuilt] Please refer to "Building the codec server" section in the release notes "cs1omapl138_release_notes.htm" after untarring the tarball 32724K
setupwin32_ndk-2_1_0_source.exe Windows Network Developers Kit NDK Installer 9600K
bios_ccsv3_setupwin32_5_41_02_14.exe DSP BIOS 5_41_02_14 Windows Installer For CCS V3 143836K
bios_ccsv4_setupwin32_5_41_02_14.exe DSP BIOS 5_41_02_14 Windows Installer For CCS V4 45456K
bios_setuplinux_5_41_02_14.bin Linux DSP/BIOS Installer 45176K
xdctools_setupwin32_3_16_01_27.exe Windows XDC Tools Installer 170768K
xdctools_setuplinux_3_16_01_27.bin Linux XDC Tools Installer 174988K
Unlocked TI_CGT_C6000_6.1.9_setup.exe Windows DSP Code Gen Tools Installer 65464K
Unlocked ti_cgt_c6000_6.1.9_setup_linux_x86.bin Codegen 6.1.9 For Linux 75728K
OMAP-L138 Flash Loading Utility
Flash Utility Download and Documentation Documentation and Binaries for Serial Boot and Flash Loading Utility
MD5 Checksums
MD5 Checksums 4K

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