AM64X Firewall Descriptions


This chapter provides information on firewalls that system firmware configures by default at boot time. Guide to read the tables in this chapter is provided below. For more details on firewalls refer to “Interconnect Firewalls” section of TRM and Firewall TISCI Description.

  • Firewall ID: The firewall ID uniquely identifies each firewall
  • Owner: Host ID that is owner of the firewall
  • CBA_PERMISSION_x: Each firewall region/channel can have up to 3 slots for configuring permissions. Each permission slot takes the form of [user, permission], where user is a host and permission is a combination of r-read, w-write, c-cache, d-debug. The priv-id, secure/non-secure, user/privileged information are derived from the host id.


In the below table, a firewall owned by RM implies that the corresponding resource is managed by the resource manager. Firewall configuration is internally handled by RM based on RM boardcfg.

List of Region Based Firewalls

Firewall ID Owner Start Address End Address CBA_PERMISSION_0 CBA_PERMISSION_1 CBA_PERMISSION_2
20 dmsc 0x4D000000 0x4D001FFF main_0_r5_0_secure,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4D004000 0x4D005FFF main_0_r5_1_secure,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4D008000 0x4D009FFF a53_secure_supervisor,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4D012000 0x4D013FFF main_1_r5_0_secure,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4D016000 0x4D017FFF main_1_r5_1_secure,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4D03C000 0x4D04BFFF dmsc,rwcd    
20 none 0x4D000000 0x4E3FFFFF everyone,rwcd    
20 dmsc 0x4E004000 0x4E013FFF sproxy_private,rwcd    
21 none 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd
21 dmsc 0x04210000 0x042101FF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
22 dmsc 0x49800000 0x4A67FFFF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
22 dmsc 0x48100000 0x4811001F dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
22 dmsc 0x48130000 0x482500FF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
22 dmsc 0x48400000 0x48411FFF dmsc,rwcd    
22 dmsc 0x48420000 0x48607FFF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
22 none 0x01000000 0x4C01FFFF everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd
22 dmsc 0x4A811000 0x4A812FFF dmsc,rwcd    
22 dmsc 0x4AA18000 0x4AA18FFF dmsc,rwcd    
22 dmsc 0x4B920000 0x4B92FFFF dmsc,rwcd    
22 dmsc 0x4B8A0000 0x4B8AFFFF dmsc,rwcd    
22 dmsc 0x49000000 0x49013FFF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
24 dmsc 0x44060000 0x4407BFFF dmsc,rwcd    
24 dmsc 0x701FC000 0x701FFFFF sproxy_private,rwcd    
24 dmsc 0x4407C000 0x4407FFFF sproxy_private,rwcd    
24 dmsc 0x701C0000 0x701DFFFF everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd everyone,rwcd
34 none 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF everyone,rwcd    
34 dmsc 0x00A00000 0x00A307FF dmsc,rwcd everyone,r  
34 dmsc 0x00300000 0x003000FF dmsc,rwcd    
512 dmsc     dmsc,rwcd    
513 dmsc     dmsc,rwcd    
514 dmsc     dmsc,rwcd    
528 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
536 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
537 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
544 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
545 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
552 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
562 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
576 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
578 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
582 dmsc 0x44234000 0x44234FFF everyone,r everyone,r everyone,r
582 dmsc 0x44235000 0x44237FFF dmsc,rwcd dmsc,rwcd dmsc,rwcd
592 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
593 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
602 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
607 dmsc 0x00000000 0xFFFFFFFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
639 dmsc 0x45080000 0x45CFFFFF dmsc,rwd    
639 dmsc 0x45000000 0x4507FFFF dmsc,rwd    
639 dmsc 0x45D00000 0x45DFFFFF everyone,rwcd    
639 dmsc 0x45E00000 0x45FFFFFF dmsc,rwd    

List of Channelized Firewalls

Firewall ID Owner Start Channel End Channel CBA_PERMISSION_0 CBA_PERMISSION_1 CBA_PERMISSION_2

List of priv-ids

Master name priv-id secure non-secure privileged user HOST-IDs
a53_non_secure_supervisor 1 False True True False 11,12,13
a53_secure_supervisor 1 True False True False 10
sproxy_private 11 True True True True N/A
m4_0 100 False True True True 30
main_0_icssg_0 136 False True True True 50
everyone 195 True True True True N/A
block_everyone 197 True True True True N/A
dmsc 202 False True True True N/A
main_0_r5_0_nonsecure 212 False True True True 36
main_0_r5_0_secure 212 True False True True 35
main_0_r5_1_nonsecure 213 False True True True 38
main_0_r5_1_secure 213 True False True True 37
main_1_r5_0_nonsecure 214 False True True True 41
main_1_r5_0_secure 214 True False True True 40
main_1_r5_1_nonsecure 215 False True True True 43
main_1_r5_1_secure 215 True False True True 42