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PRU-SWPKG  03_00_00_00

Build date: 08262015

Release Information

Thank you for your interest in the PRU Software Support Package. This package currently supports AM335x Processor SDK v01.00.00.03 and AM437x Processor SDK v01.00.00.03.


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PRU-SWPKG Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Linux Installer
pru-addon-v3.0-Linux-x86-Install.bin PRU Linux Software Package (32-bit Installer) 4184K
Adding support for 64-bit Operating Systems Instructions for users using a 64-bit version of Ubuntu
Windows Installer
pru-addon-v3.0-Windows-Install.exe PRU Windows Software Package 4192K
PRU Documentation Link to PRU ICSS Documentation
PRU Installer Documentation Link to PRU ICSS Installer Documentation
Previous PRU Software Support Package Link
PRU Software Support Package v2.00.00.00 Download Link to PRU Software Support Package v2.00.00.00 Download Page (pairs with Processor SDK v1.00.00.00)
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