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  • AM18x_1_10_00_00_release_notes contains the description of each installer package. It is recommended to read it before downloading and installing the software
  • USB0 cable usage:
    • To use USB0 on EVM board as host, please use cable/adapter with Micro-A plug to standard A receptacle (Digikey p/n H11576-ND is an example.)
    • To use USB0 on EVM board as device, please use cable/adapter with Micro-B plug to standard A plug (Digikey p/n H11504-ND is an example.)

This AM18x release is beta and includes both CCSv3.3 and CCSv4.1. As this SDK transitions from Beta to GA, support for CCSv3.3 will be removed from the SDK. The Beta release will continue to support CCSv3.3 and CCSv4.1. The GA release will support only CCSv4.1.

About Linux PSP Package

  • Linux PSP User's Guide provides information on using the Linux PSP package.
  • Linux PSP Release Notes provides important information relating to the PSP release.

Code Sourcery Tool Chains

Customers can download two different editions of the Code Sourcery tool chain to work with the OMAP-L1 SDK.

A 30-day evaluation copy of the Sourcery G++ Professional Edition is available at: The Professional Edition includes 30 days of free support and provides a full Eclipse GUI-based IDE. Customers who wish to continue using this product after 30 days must purchase a subscription from Code Sourcery. Users must first register to download the evaluation.

The Sourcery G++ LITE tools are available at:
The LITE tools are command line only and do not come with any support. Developers do not require any license subscription to use these.
AM18x Product Downloads
General Information
Release Notes 204K
Getting Started Guide
Product Downloads
AM18x Arm SDK Flash utilites, boot utilites, file system, and PSP in one package 181640K
AM18x Flash/Boot Utilites Utilities needed to boot the board 3436K
PSP AM18x Platform Support Package 121032K
File System AM18x Demo File System 57132K
Software Manifests
File System Manifest 176K
PSP Manifest 68K
AM18x Demo Manifest 92K
MD5 Checksums
MD5 Checksums 4K
For additional information, contact or AM18x support.
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