TI 15.4 Stack Linux x64 Release Notes

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This document is for version GA (GA= General Availability) build.


The TI 15.4-Stack released as part of the SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK supports a Star network topology for Sub-1GHz applications. TI 15.4-Stack software runs on TI’s SimpleLink™ Sub-1GHz wireless microcontrollers, including the CC1310 and CC1350. Devices running TI 15.4-Stack offer key benefits, such as longer range in the FCC band and better protection against in-band interference through use of frequency hopping. TI 15.4-Stack provides a complete end-to-end long range wireless application development solution to reduce time and cost of getting your product to market quickly.

Developers targeting products based on TI 15.4-Stack-2.6.0 have two architecture choices for their product development. First option is to have entire TI 15.4-Stack application and stack can run within the SimpleLink CC13x0 MCU (as an embedded application) while the second option is to have the application running on a host (running Linux OS, etc.) interfacing to the SimpleLink ULP CC13x0 MCU running the MAC Co-Processor Application.

This TI 15.4-Stack Linux SDK provides example Linux host applications, tools, documentation that allow to develop products using the architecture option two using a Linux host interfacing with the CC13x0 running MAC CoProcessor as described above.


The following documentation is available for this release.

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