TI Utilities User's Guide

Table of Contents

1. Overview

The TI-UTILS Component provides a general set of cross-platform libraries that provide common services.

Initially, TI-UTILS only contains a JSON library for parsing and building JSON strings. TI-UTILS will likely expand in the future to include more general-purpose utilities.


The JSON Module was created to provide a portable, general-purpose JSON API that supports building and parsing JSON strings.

2.1 API Reference Guide

The detailed description of the JSON APIs can be found in the API Reference Guide:

2.2 Usage

To use the JSON APIs, the application should include its header file as follows:

#include <ti/utils/json/json.h>

The types available to specify in a JSON template are: int32, uint32, raw, string, and boolean. Usage examples are in the API Reference Guide.

NOTE: Floating point values are not parsed correctly and should likely not be used. This will be fixed in a future release and is tracked by TIUTILS-8.