This tool is intended to estimate the power consumption of a sleepy Zigbee End Device using SimpleLink TM CC13X2/CC26X2 Wireless MCUs: devices which provide ultra-low power performance for every power constraint.

Through this tool, it is possible to assess and optimize the potential battery life by configuring stack and usage parameters. However, this tool only estimates the power consumption as several other factors (board design, transmission retries, etc.) can draw additional current. This tool assumes the device will operate under room temperature conditions.

This tool does not include the first time network join operation or any power consumption due to the device losing the parent or rejoining the network (if any). Results do not include current consumptions due to any peripherals such as LED, LCD, button presses, and active sensors; any of which will increase the current consumption. Results do not factor in battery condition, age, temperature, discharge rate, and other factors as they will vary based on the battery used.

In order to accurately determine the power consumption for a sleepy end device under specific user conditions refer to the 'Power Configuration' section of the Z-Stack User's Guide for a guideline or reference the Z-Stack End Device Power Consumption Measurement With the SimpleLink TM Wireless MCU Family Application Report.

Zigbee Battery Life Calculator

By: Texas Instruments

Interval at which the end device polls the parent device. Range: .1 sec to 4294967 sec
The transmit power in dBm
Data packet size the end device will send (APS payload length)
The rate the end device will transmit a packet per day
Data packet size the end device will receive (APS payload length)
The rate the end device will receive a packet per day
The operational supply voltage of the end device. Range: 2 V to 3.8 V
The estimated capacity of the end device battery in mAh [0-1000]