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Texas Instrument’s Thread stack is an implementation based on OpenThread, an open-source implementation of Thread™ released by Nest and maintained on GitHub at https://github.com/openthread/openthread. The TI-OpenThread stack allows developers to create Thread 1.1.1 based products using the TI’s SimpleLink™ CC13xx and CC26xx family of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). This software provides various examples which can be used as a framework to develop new end products; this allows you to quickly get started, reducing the time and cost of getting your product to market.


What’s New

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Fixed Issues

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Known Issues

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Upgrade and Compatibility Information

The SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx 7.10.00.xx SDK introduces changes that may impact existing projects. Refer to the included porting guide for migrating applications.

Operating System Support

The TI-OpenThread Stack is supported on the platforms supported by this SDK.


TI-OpenThread was built and tested on a Windows host platform using the following Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), toolchains, and components. For supported tool and component version numbers, see the top level SDK release notes.

Note: Earlier IDE/toolchain versions are not supported and compatibility with newer versions of supported IDEs is not assured.

Device Support

See the top-level SDK release notes provided with this SDK for a list of supported devices.

Development Board Support

See the top-level SDK release notes provided with this SDK for a list of supported development boards.


The TI-OpenThread stack is currently certified for Thread 1.1.1 with the Thread Group. Please check the Thread Certification page for more information.

OpenThread Downstream

TI-OpenThread is merged with the public OpenThread repository from the following commit hash:

Technical Support and Product Updates