TI-OpenThread SysConfig

SysConfig with TI-OpenThread provides a graphical interface to configure application-level parameters for the OpenThread stack, such as network credentials and default channel.

All TI-OpenThread examples have a SysConfig-enabled version, located under <SDK>/examples/syscfg_preview/. When imported, the SysConfig tool is opened by double-clicking the *.syscfg file in the project location. In the SysConfig tool, TI-OpenThread is listed as a separate software component under RF-stacks. Click on the component to open the TI-OpenThread configuration view.


Figure 83. TI-OpenThread software component in SysConfig


One important note about TI-OpenThread SysConfig is how SysConfig settings and non-volatile storage settings are applied. If the LaunchPad’s non-volatile storage holds a valid Thread dataset, SysConfig settings will not be applied on boot. SysConfig settings are only applied when non-volatile storage does not hold a valid Thread dataset. To guarantee SysConfig settings are applied, perform a factory reset of the non-volatile storage.

TI-OpenThread Settings

The TI-OpenThread configuration is locked to the device type of the example project. In other words, if the imported example is configured for the FTD device type, the TI-OpenThread SysConfig will be locked for the FTD device type.

View available parameters by expanding parameter groups. Hovering the cursor over a parameter group or a parameter will display a question mark next to the name, which when clicked on will display more information for that particular parameter or parameter group.


Figure 84. TI-OpenThread configuration view

You can see the generated files by clicking the <> symbol in the top right corner. The Board.c/h files was generated by the TI DRIVERS components, the smartrf_settings/smartrf_settings.c/h was generated by the RF Driver component, and the tiop_config.c/h files was generated by the TI-OpenThread component.


Figure 85. Generated files from TI-OpenThread configuration

The files are generated when building the project. After the build has completed, you will find the generated files in the output folder of your project.


Whenever you re-build the project, SysConfig will re-generate the files. Because of this, any changes made directly in the generated files will be overwritten.

tiop_config Reference

TI-OpenThread configuration in SysConfig generates a set of defines which configures the tiop_config file. Below is a compilation of available SysConfig parameters for TI-OpenThread and which corresponding define names are set for that parameter.


Configurable Name

Define Name

Top Level

Device Type


Power Management

Power Mode of Operation


Poll Peroid



Default Channel


Default Power



Set Network ID




Extended PAN ID


Thread Master Key


Network Name



Pre-Shared Key