Quick Start Guide for SimpleLink™ CC13xx or CC26xx SDK

This guide serves as a road map for users developing applications and products using the TI SimpleLink CC13xx or CC26xx wireless MCU platform. Whether a seasoned developer or just getting started, TI has created a variety of resources to simplify development on the CC13xx or CC26xx platform. These resources will enhance your experience with the TI SimpleLink CC13xx or CC26xx 7.10.01.xx Software Development Kit (SDK) from the out-of-the-box demo to production.

This guide will walk you through the initial setup and demonstration of running your first sample application. The guide explains how to install the SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx SDK and lists the various other tools required to get started with your first application. It will also suggest further resources to explore.


CC13x1x3 or CC26x1x3 devices and resources are included in the SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx SDK. The following devices are not supported:

Terms and Definitions

General Terms and Acronyms

Customer Configuration

Customer Configuration is set by the application and contains configuration parameters for the ROM boot code, device hardware, and device firmware. It contains lock-bits on the last page of flash. You can read more in the Customer Configuration section in the CC13x2 CC26x2 SimpleLink Wireless MCU Technical Reference Manual.

Code Composer Studio

An integrated development environment to develop applications for Texas Instruments embedded processors. Download: Code Composer Studio

compact JTAG

Class 4 IEEE 1149.7: Standard for Reduced-pin and Enhanced-functionality Test Access Port and Boundary-scan Architecture. This is known by acronym cJTAG.

GNU Compiler Collection

A compiler system produced by the GNU Project, which support various programming languages such as C and C++.

Halt In Boot

A mechanism in CC13xx or CC26xx to ensure that the external emulator can take control of the device before it executes any application code.


Refers to IAR Systems’ IAR Embedded Workbench, which is an integrated development environment used for building and debugging embedded applications.

Joint Test Action Group

IEEE standard 1149.1: Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture Test Access Port (TAP). This standard is known by the acronym JTAG.

Microcontroller Unit

A small computer on a single integrated circuit.

Over the Air Download

The process of performing a device firmware update over the air.

Read-only Memory

Type of non-volatile memory used in computers. Once data is written to ROM, the data cannot be removed and can only be read.

Versatile Instruction Memory System

A system control module that handles access to the device memory areas from the CPU and system bus. You can read more in the CC13x2 CC26x2 SimpleLink Wireless MCU Technical Reference Manual.