SimpleLink Common Commponents Module 5.10.00 Release Notes

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The SimpleLink Common Components Module (SCCM) includes Common User Interface (CUI), NV Interface (Non-volatile Memory Interface), Boot Image Manager (BIM) on- and off-chip, and MCUBoot. These release notes include bug fixes, updates, and new features for the SCCM components.


The follow table details which SCCM components are supported by the different SimpleLink stacks

Stack CUI NV BIM on-chip BIM off-chip MCUBoot
BLE X X X X [1]
15.4 X X X X X [1]
Zigbee X X X
Thread X X X
WiSUN X X [2]
PropRF X X X

What’s New

ID Summary
SCCM-306 Create universal imgtool executable for macOS
SCCM-295 Enable MCUBoot Anti-Rollback for CC2340R5 and CC13x4/26x4
SCCM-290 Include split_image_tool in the relevant packages
SCCM-254 Moving BIM hex file locations to BIM example folders
SCCM-233 Add MCUBoot support for S/NS images
SCCM-215 Add MCUBoot support for CC13x4/CC26x4
SCCM-201 Enable MCUBoot for CC13x2/26x2 R7 devices

Fixed Issues

ID Summary
SCCM-288 NVOCMP: Power loss during NV_write causes NV corruption
SCCM-277 NVCOMP improved check for “all items active” condition
SCCM-246 BIM does not set verification byte to pass state

Known Issues and Limitations

ID Summary
None None

It should be noted that multiple external NVS regions are not supported. If a user attempts to create a second external NVS region, all actions on the second region will be done on the first region.

Upgrade and Compatibility Information


SCCM components were built & tested with the Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and listed in the top-level SDK release notes.

Technical Support and Product Updates