SysConfig RadioConfig 1.15 Release Notes

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RadioConfig is a SysConfig module that generates code that RF Stacks and proprietary applications use for configuring the RF Driver. The module replicates and extends the capability of the Code Export feature of SmartRF Studio. It is fully integrated in the CCS and IAR software build flow.

New Features

Operating System Support

RadioConfig 1.15 is supported on the Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.


RadioConfig 1.15 executes on SysConfig version 1.14.

Device Support

CC1312R, CC1352R, CC1352P, CC2642R, CC2652R, CC2652RB, and CC2652P.

CC1312R7, CC1352P7, CC2652R7, and CC2652P7.

CC1311R3, CC1311P3, CC2651R3, and CC2651P3.

CC1312PSIP, CC2652R1FSIP and CC2652P1FSIP.


RadioConfig 1.15 is tested with SysConfig 1.14 on Windows 10, macOS 10.13 and Ubuntu 18.04.


This product follows a version format, M.m.p, where:

Technical Support and Product Updates