CC13xx/CC26xx SimpleLink Core SDK Release Notes

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This is a GA release of the Core SDK for the CC26xx and CC13xx devices.


Open the documentation overview web page file in the SDK’s Doc folder for a full list of documentation.

What’s New

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Host Support

See the SDK release notes for a description of which host operating systems are supported in this release.


See the SDK release notes for a description of which components and tools are required to work with this product.

Device Support

See the SDK release notes for a list of TI devices that are supported in this product.

Validation Information

The Core SDK was validated with the following components:

New Features

ID Summary
TIDRIVERS-5345 Move GPIO_INVALID_INDEX validation into the driver
TIDRIVERS-5124 Add support for little endian Curve25519 keys in ECDH driver
TIDRIVERS-5116 Implement new RNG driver
LPRFXXWARE-619 Add support for CC13x2x7/CC26x2x7 HW revision B (1.1)

Fixed Issues

ID Summary
TIDRIVERS-5343 Improper casting of initialization vector pointer in AES GCM driver
TIDRIVERS-5266 Some includes are missing from the QueueP.h file
TIDRIVERS-5237 PowerCC26X2_calibrateRCOSC.c does not implement TDC 4-phase handshake correctly
TIDRIVERS-5207 LP_CC2652RSIP example projects target wrong device in CCS
TIDRIVERS-5206 CC26X2R1_LAUNCHXL example projects target wrong device in CCS
TIDRIVERS-5171 Default FreeRTOS CCS project has optimisation disabled
TIDRIVERS-5122 Implicit invocation of intrinsics without including header
TIDRIVERS-5047 UART2_close can cause hanging power constraints if used once a write operation concludes but before the End of Transmision interrupt occurs
TIDRIVERS-5046 UART2_close can leave UART hardware instance UART_FR_BUSY bit set
TIDRIVERS-5044 Abnormally high power consumption from DAC after disabling and closing
LPRFXXWARE-611 CPUDelay() doesn't compile for TICLANG

Known Issues

ID Summary
TIDRIVERS-5318 GPIO_init clears external LF clock pin and stalls the device
TIDRIVERS-5310 spiPollingTransfer at high clock frequency might cause RX FIFO overflow and lose data in master mode
TIDRIVERS-4844 Implement restrictions in errata note IOC_01 in SysConfig
TIDRIVERS-4127 ADCBuf causes jitter when switching clock sources
TIDRIVERS-1642 NVSSPI25x driver does not work when using internal SPI CS

Customer Support


This product’s version follows a version format,, where M is a single digit Major number, mm is 2 digit minor number, pp is a 2 digit patch number, and b is an unrestricted set of digits used as an incrementing build counter.

Prior Release Changes

A summary of changes made in previous releases of this product can be found in the product Change Log.