Documentation Overview

SimpleLink™ CC13x0 SDK Documentation

SDK Components

TI 15.4-Stack Documentation

Documentation to assist with developing a Texas Instruments TI 15.4-Stack application. To begin developing a new application with this SDK, start with the Getting Started Guide. Refer to the TI 15.4-Stack Release Notes for details about this protocol stack release.

BLE Documentation

TI Proprietary RF Documentation

SDK Other Components

TI Drivers Documentation

Documentation for SimpleLink MCU SDK drivers to interface with device peripherals (ADC, GPIO, UART, etc.)

TI-RTOS (kernel) Documentation

Documentation for the TI-RTOS SYS/BIOS Kernel which includes information about tasks, interrupts (Hwis, Swis), and synchronization modules (Semaphores, Events, etc.)

TI DriverLib Documentation

Documentation for CC13X0 drivers providing register level abstraction

TI Unified Instrumentation Architecture (UIA) Documentation

Documentation for System Analyzer which provides visibility into runtime operation of your software

Third Party Documentation

Documentation for the FatFs file system module for embedded applications

Additional Online Support