TI Proprietary RF 2.40.01 Release Notes

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The Proprietary RF software package addresses low-power radio communication on the SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx device family. It contains

Proprietary RF Documentation

What’s New

ID Summary
EZLINKPROP-344 Enable whitening for SLR mode
EZLINKPROP-333 Replace all CC13XX_LAUNCHXL_BOARD_H with new board definitions
EZLINKPROP-323 Update termination reasons for rfPacktTx and rfPacketRx examples
EZLINKPROP-314 CC1352P-2: Create baseline set of examples for P-2
EZLINKPROP-299 Proprietary 2.4GHz support in EasyLink examples for CC2640R2
EZLINKPROP-290 Increase concentrator Ack delay
EZLINKPROP-277 EasyLink WSN project using SLR mode for OAD on CC13x2

Fixed Issues

ID Summary
EZLINKPROP-369 PER: High Speed Mode Throughput drops precipitously for 254 byte transmissions
EZLINKPROP-348 Easylink init should exclude devices from phy modes it does not support
EZLINKPROP-337 rfEasyLinkRx does not work when using optimization -Os with GCC
EZLINKPROP-308 Missing Ack over air from Concentrator in SLR mode.
EZLINKPROP-298 Change pastTrig when triggertype is TRIG_NOW in rfPacketTX
EZLINKPROP-292 EasyLink WSN: Source code output path and chip name are incorrect
EZLINKPROP-266 rfWakeonRadio examples does not work for high datarates
EZLINKPROP-233 oad_protocol.h have all pointers wrongly named

Known Issues

ID Summary
EZLINKPROP-388 CC1310-1190 HSM PER displays incorrect Tx Power for CC1190 enabled
EZLINKPROP-386 CC1310-1190 OOK PER displays invalid Tx Power (127) for CC1190 Enabled
EZLINKPROP-376 HS-Mode RSSI variations in CC1350

Operating System Support

The Proprietary RF package builds on all host environments and toolchains supported by the SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK. See the top-level SDK release notes for details.




Device Support

See the top-level SDK release notes for details.

Development Board Support

See the top-level SDK release notes for details.


All Proprietary-RF example were build and tested with the IDE’s and toolchains mentioned in the SDK release notes.


This product follows a version format, M.mm.pp.bb, where:

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