TI BLE-Stack 2.03.03 Release Notes

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The BLE-Stack 2.03.03 is a set of sample applications, tools and protocol stack libraries that enables engineers to develop embedded Bluetooth® 4.2 LE applications on the SimpleLink™ CC1350 Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless MCU. A few examples of what can be created using the sample applications in this SDK include Bluetooth beacons incorporating the popular Apple iBeacon® and Eddystone™ formats, health and fitness monitors, dongles for cable replacement via a BLE Serial Port Bridge and industrial motor monitors.

Additional information about TI’s BLE solutions can be found at www.ti.com/ble.

BLE-Stack Documentation

The new SimpleLink CC1350 SDK allows easier product development by combining the TI-RTOS and BLE protocol stack in one unified SDK. All BLE-Stack sample applications are based off the TI-RTOS Kernel. Key documents needed for BLE application development include:

What’s New

Installation and Usage

Fixed Issues

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

The CC1350 SDK uses a new directory & file format which differs from BLE-Stack 2.2.x and earlier SDK releases. Existing applications developed with earlier SDKs require porting to this release; however, most BLE APIs remain the same thus reducing the effort required to migrate to this release.

Operating System Support

The BLE-Stack sample applications in the CC1350 SDK are supported on the Microsoft Windows® 7 SP1 or later build platform.


The BLE-Stack sample applications were built & tested with the following Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and listed components on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 10 host build platforms. Using a toolchain version or TI-RTOS version not listed below may result in compatibility issues with this SDK release.

Note: Earlier IDE/toolchain versions are not supported and compatibility with newer versions of supported IDEs is not assured.

Device Support

This release supports single-mode Bluetooth 4.2 LE on the following SimpleLink wireless MCU: CC1350

Note: This SDK does not support SimpleLink CC2640/CC2650/CC1350 devices or development kits with these devices.

Development Board Support

This release supports Bluetooth low energy applications on the following development kit: CC1350 LaunchPad

Known Issues and Limitations


TI BLE-Stack 2.03.03 was tested using the following components:

Refer to the TI BLE Wiki How to certify your product page for details regarding Bluetooth certification and how to reduce Bluetooth certification time by using TI’s Qualified Design ID (QDID).


This product follows a version format, M.mm.pp.bb, where:

Technical Support and Product Updates