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The SimpleLink™ SDK Wi-Fi Plugin is a companion software package that enables the use of a Wi-Fi radio on any standard MSP432 platform including the MSP432P401, MSP432P4111, and MSP432E401 families, as well as on the CC26X2R platform, including the CC2642R and CC2652R family of devices. By having the ability to seamlessly and modularly add Wi-Fi functionality to an embedded system, a programmer can enable their embedded device to become a gateway to various IOT infrastructures.

The Wi-Fi network processor subsystem features a Wi-Fi Internet-on-a-Chip and contains an additional dedicated ARM MCU that completely offloads the host MCU. This subsystem includes an 802.11 b/g/n radio, baseband, and MAC with a powerful crypto engine for fast, secure Internet connections with 256-bit encryption. The CC31xx device supports Station, Access Point, and Wi-Fi Direct modes. The device also supports WPA2 personal and enterprise security and WPS 2.0. This subsystem includes embedded TCP/IP and TLS/SSL stacks, HTTP server, and multiple Internet protocols.

This is version 4_20_00_10 of the SimpleLink SDK Wi-Fi Plugin.

This plugin was verified against v3_40_00_xx of the MSP432P4 SDK and v4_20_00_xx of the MSP432E4, CC26X2R1, and CC32XX SDKs.


Please refer to the Documentation Overview for in-depth documentation on the SimpleLink SDK Wi-Fi Plugin

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Upgrading from the previous version of the SDK plugin is as easy as installing the new instance of the plugin.

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Validation Information

The SimpleLink SDK Wi-Fi Plugin was validated with the following components:

Prior Release Changes

v2.40.00.22 - 1/31/2019

v2.30.00.10 - 10/22/2018

v1.60.00.07 - 5/01/2018

v1.55.00.42 - 1/11/2018

v1.50.00.38 - 11/1/2017


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