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The SimpleLinkTM Sensor and Actuator Plugin/Sensor Actuator Interface Layer(SAIL) provides portable software modules to individual elements/components like temperature sensor, humidity sensors and other actuators like drives, buttons. The modules will be code compatible across CC2640R2, CC1310, MSP432, CC3220. It will be modular framework to offer extendable support for sensors and actuators.

NOTE: The names SAIL plugin and SimpleLinkTM Sensor and Actuator Plugin are used interchangeably in most of the documentation

Check the User Guide to get more information on the supported sensors in this release.

This is version 1_10_00_06 of the SAIL.


What’s New

Note: Currently the sail.lib library for supported platforms is prebuilt and available in package. The library is not automatically rebuilt on building the example. User can refer to Quick Start Guide on building sail library.

NOTE: There may be incompatibility in the Modules ( specifically PGA460 Module ) in the next SAIL plugin release version 1.20.00.

Host Support


This release requires the following other software components and tools.

Device Support

Validation Information

Known Issues

ID Summary
SAIL-238 PGA460 module does not work with CC1310 and CC2640R2 devices
SAIL-223 Documentation error in SLAU666A - BOOSTXL-SENSORS Users Guide
SAIL-221 BOOSTXL-SENSORS GUI (used with guiboostxlsensors example) does not scale to PC screen
SAIL-220 #303-D typedef compilation warnings observed in guiboostxlsensors example projects for CCS compiler
SAIL-133 The serial terminal output is incorrect (missing % symbol) for the BME280 FreeRTOS examples.
SAIL-114 Freertos based examples do not build in the CCS cloud
SAIL-96 Alert tasks for TMP007 example and OPT3001 example do not get triggered due to hardware pin conflict in the CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL LaunchPad.
SAIL-92 Files extracted from the zip release package have 777 permissions on Linux platform.

Fixed in this release

ID Summary
SAIL-232 Incorrect link specified for the BOOSTXL-SENSORS GUI in the readme file for the guiboostxlsensors examples
SAIL-213 Incorrect return value returned in the I2C_bus_read functions in bme280 and bmi160 modules
SAIL-211 Incorrect naming of several peripherals/buttons in board.html file for CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL
SAIL-210 README.html not included in the imported CCS project for the SAIL examples.
SAIL-144 IaR examples for CC2640R2-LAUNCHXL do not compile/link (when using workspace files), but examples can be built using makefiles
SAIL-143 OPT3001 sensor example sometimes does not run on CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL. Hard fault is observed.
SAIL-136 IAR issue affecting examples(for IAR IDE) on MSP432. The .out generated can be loaded/run using CCS IDE.
SAIL-129 Add CC13x0 examples for each SAIL module


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