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This is a GA release of the FAX Library (FAXLIB) for C55x/C64x+/C66x processors.

The Fax Library provides components that allow a development team to reduce time-to-market
by providing the major building blocks of a fax relay processing system. The library contains
reliable field-hardened fax relay processing software.

The deliverables in this release include, a Windows and Linux installation executable for both
the C55x and C6x DSP processing cores. Each executable installs a component package repository,
a documentation directory, an Example directory, an Eclipse plugin directory and an expanded component directory
structure with all component libraries, header files and test examples.

The FAXLIB User Manual below provides additional information regarding this release.


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FAXLIB Product Downloads
Title Description Size
FAX Library (FAXLIB) Downloads
FAXLIB Documentation
No Login FAXLIB_Fact_Sheet.pdf FAXLIB Fact Sheet 36K
No Login FAXLIB_C55_Users_Manual.chm FAXLIB C55x Users Manual 972K
No Login FAXLIB_C64P_Users_Manual.chm FAXLIB C64x+ Users Manual 972K
No Login FAXLIB_C66_Users_Manual.chm FAXLIB C66x Users Manual 972K
C66x Downloads
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C66_Win32.exe FAXLIB for C66x Windows Installer 33996K
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C66_Linux.bin FAXLIB for C66x Linux Installer 33832K
C64x+ Downloads
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C64P_Win32.exe FAXLIB for C64x+ Windows Installer 34088K
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C64P_Linux.bin FAXLIB for C64x+ Linux Installer 33924K
C55x Downloads
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C55_Win32.exe FAXLIB for C55x Windows Installer 12200K
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C55_Linux.bin FAXLIB for C55x Linux Installer 12036K
C55x CPU Rev 3 Downloads
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C55_cpu3_Win32.exe FAXLIB for C55x CPU Rev 3 Windows Installer 12196K
No Login ti_mas_faxlib_2_1_0_1_C55_cpu3_Linux.bin FAXLIB for C55x CPU Rev 3 Linux Installer 12028K
Previous Releases
FAXLIB 2.0.1 FAXLIB Post Production Release
No Login MD5 Checksums 4K

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