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DSPLIB  3_4_0_0

Build date: 08272014

Release Information

This is a Post Production release of the DSP Library (DSPLIB) for C64x+/C66x/C674x processors.

DSPLIB contains optimized general-purpose signal-processing routines that are used in computationally-intensive real-time applications. These C-callable routines operate considerably faster than equivalent code written in ANSI C language.

The deliverables in this release include a Windows or Linux installation executable for either the C64x+ or C66x or C674x processors. Each executable installs a component package repository, a documentation directory, an Eclipse plugin directory and an expanded component directory structure with component libraries, header files and test examples.


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DSPLIB Product Downloads
Title Description Size
C64x+, C674x and C66x DSP Library (DSPLIB) Downloads
DSPLIB Documentation
No Login DSPLIB.chm DSPLIB Function Reference 324K
No Login DSPLIB_C674x_TestReport.html C674x DSPLIB Benchmarks 32K
No Login DSPLIB_C64Px_TestReport.html C64x+ DSPLIB Benchmarks 64K
No Login DSPLIB_C66x_TestReport.html C66x DSPLIB Benchmarks 152K
No Login Software_Manifest.html DSPLIB Software Manifest 12K
No Login dsplib_c66x_3_4_0_0_Win32.exe DSPLIB for C66x Windows Installer 10376K
No Login dsplib_c66x_3_4_0_0_Linux.bin DSPLIB for C66x Linux Installer 10212K
No Login dsplib_c674x_3_4_0_0_Win32.exe DSPLIB for C674x Windows Installer 3928K
No Login dsplib_c674x_3_4_0_0_Linux.bin DSPLIB for C674x Linux Installer 3764K
No Login dsplib_c64Px_3_4_0_0_Win32.exe DSPLIB for C64x+ Windows Installer 5328K
No Login dsplib_c64Px_3_4_0_0_Linux.bin DSPLIB for C64x+ Linux Installer 5164K
Previous Releases
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MD5 Checksums 4K
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