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Generated On: 10262010

This is a GA release for Chip Support Library (CSL) for C6472.

This release contains a set of peripheral programming (functional and register level) APIs which abstract low-level details of the underlying device. Such peripheral abstraction enables higher layers of software to configure, control and have read/write access to C6472 peripherals.

This release's deliverables include: compiled library of supported CSL modules, interrupt controller (INTC) module and actual respective source code along with infrastructure to create libraries. The Release Notes, the user guide, and the API reference guide listed below provide additional information on this release.

Software Defects
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CSL_C6472 Product Downloads
Title Description Size
TMS320C6472 Chip Support Library (CSL) Downloads
No Login SoftwareManifest_C6472.pdf CSL Software Manifest 13K
No Login ReleaseNotes_C6472_03_00_07_01.html CSL Release Notes 30K
No Login UserGuide_C6472.html CSL User Guide 113K
No Login CSL_API_TMS320C6472.pdf CSL API Reference Guide 3538K
TMS320C6472 Packages
No Login CSL Library Package with APIs 4032K
No Login CSL Interrupt Controller Library Package with APIs 64K
No Login CSL Source Code 449K
No Login CSL Interrupt Controller Source Code 39K
No Login MD5 Checksums 2K

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