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BIOS-MCSDK 01_00_00_08 Product Download Page

Generated On: 12222010

This is the production release for BIOS MCSDK 1.0.0. This software release gives developers the ability to evaluate the hardware and software capabilities of C64x+ DSP platforms and provide a base set of software to build a multicore application. The devices supported include TMS320C6472, TMS320C6474, and TMS320C6457.

Please see Getting Started Guide for installation and usage information.

Note: Please install Code Composer Studio v4.2.0 before installing BIOS-MCSDK package.

Software Defects
A list of software defects can be found here.


For technical discussions and issues, please visit

When asking for help in the forum you should tag your posts in the Subject with "MCSDK", the part number (e.g. "C6472") and additionally the component (e.g. "NDK").


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BIOS-MCSDK Product Downloads
Title Description Size
No Login bios_mcsdk_1_00_00_08_release_notes.pdf BIOS MCSDK Release Notes 144K
No Login bios_mcsdk_1_00_00_08_software_manifest.pdf BIOS MCSDK Software Manifest 32K
No Login bios_mcsdk_1_00_00_08_setup.exe BIOS MCSDK Package 211360K
CCS v4.2.0 Code Composer Studio
BIOS-MCSK 1_00_00_08 Patch 01
No Login bios_mcsdk_1_00_00_08_patch1_notes.pdf BIOS MCSDK Patch Release Notes 16K
No Login bios_mcsdk_1_00_00_08_patch1_setup.exe BIOS MCSDK Patch 01 (TMDSEVM6474L Only) 1540K
No Login MD5 Checksums 4K

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