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Build date: 08252020

Release Information

mmWave Studio GUI is designed to characterize and evaluate TI mmWave sensor devices. This package includes the GUI, associated tools and firmware for the performance evaluation of TI mmWave sensor devices.

Supported Platforms
Supported Devices Supported EVMs
Single Chip Evaluation Module needs the DCA1000 EVM (DCA1000)
Cascade Evaluation Module needs the TDA2XX Host EVM (TDA2XX)
AWR2243 ES1.0/ES1.1 AWR2243 Evaluation Module (AWR2243BOOST) or AWR2243 RF Cascade Evaluation Module (RF Cascade EVM)

More Information
For more information please refer to the MMWAVE Studio User Guide. For Cascade system, refer to MMWAVE STUDIO Cascade User Guide

MMWAVE_STUDIO Product downloads

Title Description Size
Unlocked Windows installer MMWAVE_STUDIO installer for Windows Host 262490K
MMWAVE STUDIO Documentation
MMWAVE STUDIO Release Notes Release Notes for MMWAVE STUDIO 666K
MMWAVE STUDIO User Guide User Guide for MMWAVE STUDIO 7770K
MMWAVE STUDIO Cascade User Guide Cascade Setup User Guide for MMWAVE STUDIO 3930K
MMWAVE STUDIO Software Manifest Software Manifest of Components Inside the MMWAVE STUDIO 386K
DCA1000 Quick Start Guide Quick start guide for the DCA1000 capture card 2002K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 26K

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