xWRL1432 MMWAVE-L-SDK  05.03.00
Release Notes 05.03.00

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless noted otherwise, the SW modules would work in both FreeRTOS and NORTOS environment.
Unless noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on any of the CPU present on the SOC.
Unless noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on all supported EVMs

New in this Release

This is the initial release for xwrL14xx

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs EVM Host PC
xWRL1432 M4F xWRL1432 EVM (referred to as xwrL14xx-evm in code) Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Tools, Compiler and Other Open Source SW Module Information

Tools / SW module Supported CPUs Version
Code Composer Studio M4F 12.4.0
SysConfig M4F 1.17.0
FreeRTOS Kernel M4F 10.4.3
mmwave DFP M4F 3_1_5_0

Key Features

OS Kernel

OS Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
FreeRTOS Kernel M4F NA Task, Task notification, interrupts, semaphores, mutexs, timers, event groups. ROV views in CCS IDE, Task load measurement using FreeRTOS run time statistics APIs. -
FreeRTOS POSIX M4F NA pthread, mqueue, semaphore, clock -
NO RTOS M4F NA See Driver Porting Layer (DPL) below -

Driver Porting Layer (DPL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Clock M4F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Tick timer at user specified resolution, timeouts and delays -
CycleCounter M4F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Measure CPU cycles using CPU specific internal counters -
Debug M4F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Logging and assert to any combo of: UART, CCS, shared memory -
Heap M4F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Create arbitrary heaps in user defined memory segments -
Hwi M4F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Interrupt register, enable/disable/restore -
MPU M4F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Setup MPU and control access to address space -
Semaphore M4F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Binary, Counting Semaphore, recursive mutexs with timeout -
Task M4F NA FreeRTOS Create, delete tasks -
Timer M4F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Configure arbitrary timers -
Event M4F YES FreeRTOS Setting, getting, clearing, and waiting of Event bits -

SOC Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
EDMA M4F YES Basic memory copy, DMA/QDMA channels, Interrupt/Polled, Manual/Event trigger, Chaining -
EPWM M4F YES EPWM module configuration APIs -
ESM M4F YES Group and Error number selection, Tested ESM notifier with watchdog module -
GPIO M4F YES Basic input/output, GPIO as interrupt -
HWA M4F YES FFT, CFAR and compression/decompression, Interrupt/Polled, Manual/DMA trigger -
I2C M4F YES Controller mode, basic read/write, polling and interrupt mode Target mode not supported.
MCAN M4F YES RX, TX, interrupt and polling mode -
MCSPI M4F YES Controller/Target mode, basic read/write, polling, interrupt and DMA mode -
Pinmux M4F YES Tested with multiple peripheral pinmuxes -
QSPI M4F YES Read direct, Write indirect, Read/Write commands -
SOC M4F YES Lock/unlock MMRs, get CPU clock, CPU name, clock enable, set frequency -
UART M4F YES Basic read/write, polling, interrupt mode, CPU/DMA mode -
WATCHDOG M4F YES Window size and Expiry time selections, Reset mode, Digital windowed -
POWER M4F YES Device LPDS Entry and Exit using sleep counter/SYNCIN IO. Device Idle3 entry and exist using frame timer -
LIN M4F YES LIN Internal loopback, LIN external DIG/ANA loopback -

Board Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested
Flash M4F YES QSPI based flash (Macronix part MX25V1635F) All vendor flash types not tested

Fixed Issues

Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Applicable Devices Workaround
MMWLPSDK-244 HWA decompression output minor deviations HWA driver xWRL1432 None
MMWLPSDK-415 EDMA driver does not support extended parameter srcBidx EDMA driver xWRL1432 None
MMWLPSDK-535 CLPC RunTime Calibration should not be enabled Demos xWRL1432 None


Head Line Module Reported in Release Applicable Devices Workaround
In BOM optimized mode, the current firmware doesn't give sufficient settling time for the 1.2V RF LDO. As a result, the 1.2V RF LDO is not settled before burst start. General xWRL1432 Refer the known issues section in DFP release notes.
All the TLV's cannot be enabled at same time due to limitation of UART baudrate Motion and Presence detection OOB demo xWRL1432 Enable only required TLV's
On-board INA sensor(INA 226) cannot be used for power measurement. When device with INA226 sensor is used, the Power will not be plotted in visualizer. Motion and Presence detection OOB demo xWRL1432 None
SensorStop not supported in low Power configuration. Motion and Presence detection OOB demo xWRL1432 None.
Using 32KB RAM memory (Range: 0x00458000 to 0x0045ffff) in application can cause issues. This block is being used by RBL. General xWRL1432 Use this block of memory for sections like Stack, Heap or BSS (if allocated contiguously only).
RangeProc and DOA Proc examples are in development Datapath Examples xWRL1432 None.

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

When migrating from Processor/Older SDK RTOS, see Migration Guides for more details

This section lists changes which could affect user applications developed using older SDK versions. Read this carefully to see if you need to do any changes in your existing application when migrating to this SDK version relative to previous SDK version. Also refer to older SDK version release notes to see changes in earlier SDKs.

Compiler Options

Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks
Release Build - The release build with ti-arm-clang compiler has been done with Os optimization level. It is recommended that user rebuilds the existing libraries and applications with 'Os' option. This can be done by updating CFLAGS_release in library/example makefiles.