2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Overview

The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor-SDK) for Linux provides a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications and includes the following:

  • Bootloaders & Filesystems
  • SDK Installer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Makefiles
  • WLAN support (Wilink 8)
  • Code Composer Studio

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below. In addition, see Processor SDK Linux GPLv3 Disclaimer.

2.1.3. Documentation

  • Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide: Provides information on features, functions, delivery package and, compile tools for the Processor SDK Linux release. This also provides detailed information regarding software elements and software infrastructure to allow developers to start creating applications.
  • Processor SDK Linux Getting Started Guide: Provides information on getting the software and running examples/demonstrations bundled in the SDK.
  • Software Manifest: Provides license information on software included in the SDK release. This document is in the release at [INSTALL-DIR]/docs.
  • EVM Quick Start Guide: Provides information on hardware setup and running the demonstration application that is loaded on flash. This document is provided as part of the EVM kit.

2.1.4. Release 08.02.00

Released March 2022

2.1.5. Supported Platforms

See here for a list of supported platforms and links to more information.

2.1.6. Build Information U-Boot

Head Commit: 44a87e3ab85c6d64044f0b5ad677008316baad70 ARM: dts: k3-j721s2: Correct timer frequency
Date: Wed Mar 16 17:05:52 CDT 2022
uBoot Version: 2021.01
uBoot Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-u-boot/ti-u-boot.git
uBoot Tag:
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) Kernel

Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 7a7a3af903da2b2d551d058f8262a66e6b42b6b1 Merged TI feature connectivity into ti-linux-5.10.y
Date: Wed Mar 16 12:00:19 CDT 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.100
Kernel Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10))

Real Time (RT) Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 204ec708dc86f4334f585f04835527570be1c4eb Merged TI feature ti_linux_base_rt into ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Date: Wed Mar 16 14:53:35 CDT 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.100
RT Kernel Version: 5.10.100-rt62
Kernel Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_rt_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) Yocto


Head Commit: facd5397cdc5c35c69e7a8e8f908a98a5c23d270 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to release
Date: 2022-03-08
Version: dunfell-3.1
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:


Head Commit: 382ca36beb21a524de726bfd1c57e3d26f10cf82 recipes-core: images: Add tisdk-thinlinux-image
Date: 2022-03-08
Version: 2021.09
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arago
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:


Head Commit: 5560e99ab3ffe0b67e1e5298ff4694ab3860325f recipes-demo: wifi-oob: Disable Station mode by default
Date: 2022-03-22
Clone: git://git.ti.com/jacinto-linux/meta-psdkla.git
Branch: master

2.1.7. Issues Tracker Issues opened in previous releases that were closed on this release

Record ID Summary
LCPD-24644 weston service takes a long time to terminate
LCPD-24308 linux/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/davinci-mcasp-audio.txt Convert to YAML
LCPD-23019 OPTEE tests are failing (Impact 5)
LCPD-24586 am65 uboot usbhost custom builds are missing in 8.1
LCPD-24450 j721e-idk-gw, j7200-evm UART tests fail (Impact 3.0)
LCPD-24417 AM654x UART Boot Mode failing
LCPD-24284 DRM tests fail due to crash in panel_simple_probe
LCPD-24289 ICSSG Ethernet Docs Broken link to ICSS Eth docs
LCPD-22962 IPC performance- IPC_S_FUNC_PRU_ECHO test failing
LCPD-22953 v4l2 cal compliance test fails
LCPD-24526 k3-am65-iot2050 have mcasp nodes with missing required properties
LCPD-24486 smatch reports potential dereference of ERR_PTR
LCPD-20691 AM65xx - lcd backlight scenario not enabled (Impact 1)
LCPD-18270 Ivi shell test fails. Lib ivi-controller.so and other components are missing from the file system
LCPD-16664 MMU Alloc errors and Kernel Oops with RT build
LCPD-24605 ICSSG: Not all TX timestamps are received Issues found and closed on this release that may be applicable to prior releases

Record ID Summary
LCPD-25014 ramfs boot fails when using tisdk-base-image
LCPD-24716 am654: Module pruss_soc_bus is missing Errata workarounds

Record ID Summary Workaround ErrataID
LCPD-19447 DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame   i2097
LCPD-17788 PCI-Express: GEN3 (8GT/s) Operation Not Supported.   i2104
LCPD-17783 USB: USB2PHY Charger Detect is enabled by default without VBUS presence   i2075
LCPD-14184 USB: SuperSpeed USB Non-Functional   i2028
LCPD-14579 DSS : DSS Does Not Support YUV Pixel Data Formats   i2000 SDK Known Issues

Record ID Summary Workaround
LCPD-19948 Yocto: stream recipe is incorrect  
LCPD-19858 OE: OPTEE label used in SDK is old and wrong  
LCPD-18908 GLMark2 fails for am65x  
LCPD-17449 libasan_preinit.o is missing in devkit  
LCPD-17413 QT Webengine-based browser: the mouse does not work within the web page with QPA EGLFS  
LCPD-17412 QT5 Webengine-based browser crashing with any resize operation  
LCPD-14254 meta-ti: Need a recipe update to pick up the new AM65x PRU Ethernet firmwares  
LCPD-13817 Qt5 Webengine-based broswer does not work on AM654x with pagesize = 64k  
LCPD-13816 Chromium-wayland broswer does not work on AM654x with page size = 64k U-Boot Known Issues

Record ID Summary Workaround
LCPD-22975 AM654x: 1Ghz & beyond caused boot hang on SR2.0  
LCPD-24628 am654x-idk DFU boot is failing  
LCPD-17770 U-Boot: Fix order of MCU R5 shutdown depending on cluster mode  
LCPD-16524 Need to adjust RMW bit when using enabling ECC None
LCPD-14843 U-boot should support default settings for netboot None
LCPD-24717 am654: PCI-E ethernet interface shows link down in U-Boot  
LCPD-24130 AM654x: USB MSC boot mode fails  
LCPD-16696 U-Boot does not recognize SD-Card after re-insert/change  
LCPD-15873 There is no dtbo in u-boot for PCIe x1 + usb3 daughter card None
LCPD-25535 UBoot: customized ${optargs} doesn’t take affect on K3 devices Linux Kernel Known Issues

Record ID Summary Workaround
LCPD-17471 device hang when restarting crashed R5F  
LCPD-25314 ICSSG: Timestamp for back-to-back with IPG < 100us not received  
LCPD-13653 am65x-evm could not boot from MMC/SD when MMC/SD is backup boot mode No workaround
LCPD-24539 am654x-evm CAL test fails on PG2.0 boards  
LCPD-24456 Move IPC validation source from github to git.ti.com  
LCPD-22931 RemoteProc documentation missing  
LCPD-16534 remoteproc/k3-r5f: PDK IPC echo_test image fails to do IPC in remoteproc mode on second run None
LCPD-24798 j721e-idk-gw, j7200-evm UART tests fail (Impact 3.0)  
LCPD-24541 am65xx OSPI boot does not work  
LCPD-24199 AM654x UART HWFLOW FUNC, PERF, STRESS tests fail (Impact 2)  
LCPD-22916 CSI: Interface Setup/Hold Timing Does Not Meet MIPI DPHY Spec above 600MHz  
LCPD-22892 icssg: due to FW bug both interfaces has to be loaded always  
LCPD-20683 am65xx fails emmc boot  
LCPD-19923 [AM65x] Linux reboot command fails https://e2e.ti.com/support/processors-group/processors/f/processors-forum/1011070/am6548-linux-reboot-command-fails
LCPD-19861 ICSSG: Unregistered multicast MAC packets are still visible in non-promiscuous mode  
LCPD-19859 ETH ICSSG netperf benchmark returns lower performance than expected  
LCPD-19580 am654- unable to select a mode (sdhci?)  
LCPD-18665 Am65x Pg2: Board cannot do soft reboot when booting from SD card  
LCPD-18289 pcie-usb tests sometimes fail  
LCPD-18228 PCI PM runtime suspend is not increasing  
LCPD-17908 ICSSG: dual-emac: udp packets ocassionally sent out of order on egress  
LCPD-17800 CPSW: Master/Slave resolution failed message seen at console  
LCPD-16048 UDP iperf with smaller packet sizes < 512 bytes does not complete consistently  
LCPD-15540 uvc-gadget results in segmentation fault  
LCPD-13938 PCIe EP read/write/copy test failed with larger sizes  
LCPD-13936 Uboot dhcp timeout 1 of 100 times  
LCPD-13603 One board could not boot rootfs from more than one SDHC card  
LCPD-13445 Seldom kernel oops triggered by prueth_netdev_init  
LCPD-19929 Industrial protocols documentation  
LCPD-18860 isolcpus in the command line is not honored  
LCPD-18684 syscalls sync failures: fdatasync03, fsync04, sync03, syncfs01, sync_file_range02  
LCPD-18258 IPSEC perfomance failures  
LCPD-17798 2020 LTS: INTA/INTR smp_affinity failure and IRQ allocation issues.  
LCPD-17777 AES HW is not exercised  
LCPD-17673 No software documentation for the Timer module  
LCPD-16845 OPP freq update in DT impacts only cluster0  
LCPD-13410 Reboot command is not operational  
LCPD-24134 AM654x CAL DMABUF tests fail (Impact 4.0)  
LCPD-22954 DRM Stress Test fails  
LCPD-22947 Alsa performance test fails  
LCPD-18297 AM6: OV5640: 176x144 does not work  
LCPD-15819 tidss: the driver should reject dual-display setup, as it is not supported  
LCPD-20014 remoteproc: TX_PRU: IRQ vring, IRQ kick not found error message on console  
LCPD-25348 nslookup time out when EVM has multiple eth connections  
LCPD-22959 UART Read/Write tests at baud rate 115200 fails  
LCPD-25252 Docs: OPTEE SDK documentation is very minimal  
LCPD-24718 am654x hwspinlock test failing  
LCPD-24680 missing document how to boot to Linux prompt in USB MSC boot mode  
LCPD-24319 am654x-evm DRM tests fail due to frequency mismatch (Impact 7)  
LCPD-23008 AM65xx - display port scenario not enabled  
LCPD-23007 k3-am654-evm-hdmi.dtbo file is missing in CoreSDK for am654x RT Linux Kernel Known Issues

No known issues

2.1.8. Change Requests

ID Head Line Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-1431 Descope all non ETHERNET functionality inside PRU-ICSS subsystem 08.00.00 None

2.1.9. Installation and Usage

The Software Developer’s Guide provides instructions on how to setup up your Linux development environment, install the SDK and start your development.  It also includes User’s Guides for various Example Applications and Code Composer Studio.

2.1.10. Host Support

The Processor SDK is developed, built and verified on Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. Details on how to create a virtual machine to load Ubuntu are described in this page.


Processor SDK Installer is 64-bit, and installs only on 64-bit host machine. Support for 32-bit host is dropped as Linaro toolchain is available only for 64-bit machines