2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Overview

The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor SDK) is a unified software platform for TI embedded processors providing easy setup and fast out-of-the-box access to benchmarks and demos. All releases of Processor SDK are consistent across TI’s broad portfolio, allowing developers to seamlessly reuse and develop software across devices. Developing a scalable platform solutions has never been easier than with the Processor SDK and TI’s embedded processor solutions.

To simplify the end user experience, Processor SDK Linux AM64x installer provides everything needed as discussed below to create the embedded system from “scratch” :

  • Platform/board-support software and configuration files for Linux
  • U-Boot and Kernel sources and configuration files
  • An ARM cross-compiling toolchain as well as other host binaries and components
  • A Yocto/OE compliant filesystem and sources for example applications
  • A variety of scripts and Makefiles to automate certain tasks
  • Other components needed to build an embedded system that don’t fit neatly into one of the above buckets
  • Reference Examples, benchmarks

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifests, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below.

  • Linux Manifest: “/docs/software_manifest.html”

2.1.3. Release 08.02.00

Released on April 2022 What’s new

Processor SDK Linux AM64x Release has following new features:

  • Third release on 2021 LTS 5.10 kernel, 2021.01 U-Boot
  • Yocto Dunfell/3.1
  • NAND boot, Ethernet boot, Secure Boot, ICSSG-Dual Emac
  • AM64 HS EVM support
  • Improved DDR bandwidth on AM64 SK Board

2.1.4. Build Information U-Boot


Head Commit: 44a87e3ab85c6d64044f0b5ad677008316baad70 ARM: dts: k3-j721s2: Correct timer frequency
Date: Wed Mar 16 17:05:52 CDT 2022
uBoot Version: 2021.01
uBoot Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-u-boot/ti-u-boot.git
Branch: ti-u-boot-2021.01
uBoot Tag:
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) Kernel

Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 7a7a3af903da2b2d551d058f8262a66e6b42b6b1 Merged TI feature connectivity into ti-linux-5.10.y
Date: Wed Mar 16 12:00:19 CDT 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.100
Kernel Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10))

Real Time (RT) Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 204ec708dc86f4334f585f04835527570be1c4eb Merged TI feature ti_linux_base_rt into ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Date: Wed Mar 16 14:53:35 CDT 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.100
RT Kernel Version: 5.10.100-rt62
Kernel Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_rt_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) Yocto


Head Commit: facd5397cdc5c35c69e7a8e8f908a98a5c23d270 u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to release
Date: 2022-03-08
Version: dunfell-3.1
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:


Head Commit: 382ca36beb21a524de726bfd1c57e3d26f10cf82 recipes-core: images: Add tisdk-thinlinux-image
Date: 2022-03-08
Version: 2021.09
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arago
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:

2.1.5. Issues Tracker Issues opened in previous releases that were closed in this release

Record ID Platform Title
LCPD-24627 icssg_prueth: NULL pointer deference during remove am64xx-evm
LCPD-24625 am64 - Boot modes: eMMC alternative boot mode am64xx-evm
LCPD-24624 am64 Boot modes: OSPI am64xx-evm
LCPD-24622 TCP Bidir am64xx-evm
LCPD-24612 am64xx-hsevm fails to boot am64xx-hsevm
LCPD-24510 ARM: A72/53 L1 data cache and L2 cache set counts wrong(upstream) am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm
LCPD-24486 smatch reports potential dereference of ERR_PTR am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,j721e-evm,j7200-evm,j721s2-evm
LCPD-24121 IPC SDK docs: link to example source code am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk
LCPD-23019 OPTEE tests are failing (Impact 5) am43xx-hsevm,am57xx-hsevm,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-22841 Watchdog Timer test is failing (Impact 5.0) am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-22812 Upstream: reserved-memory.txt convert to yaml am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,k2g-evm,k2g-hsevm,j721e-sk Issues found and closed in this release that may also be applicable to prior releases

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-25522 AM64: Ethernet broken at u-Boot prompt am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk
LCPD-25074 AM64 HS Boot broken am64xx-hsevm
LCPD-25070 am64xx-sk uboot build failed to boot due to am64xx-sk
LCPD-25014 ramfs boot fails when using tisdk-base-image am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j721s2-evm U-Boot Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-25540 am64xx-sk u-boot: usb host boot failed on AM64x SK  
LCPD-25535 am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am654x-hsevm UBoot: customized ${optargs} doesn’t take affect on K3 devices  
LCPD-24726 am64xx-sk Uboot qspi read write performance test failed  
LCPD-24507 am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw U-Boot command “saveenv” doesn’t save env  
LCPD-23026 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk USB MSC Boot: USB controller not visible from u-boot  
LCPD-23020 am64xx-evm am64xx-evm: U-Boot PHY autonegotiation failed 2 out of 100 times Linux Kernel Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-25558 am64xx-evm the ‘nand’ tool doesn’t seem to be working  
LCPD-25494 am64xx-evm AM64 EVM TSN IET tests is failing  
LCPD-25348 am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,am654x-idk nslookup time out when EVM has multiple eth connections  
LCPD-25320 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk Docs: AM64x: IPC chapter should be under Foundational Components  
LCPD-25112 am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw Ethernet driver not gating its clock when interface is down  
LCPD-24872 am64xx-sk Am64x-sk :LCPD-16811 CPSW failed while throughput metrics comparison  
LCPD-24823 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk Clarify Single-Core usage in ti,k3-r5f-rproc.yaml  
LCPD-24696 am64xx-sk CPSW Promiscuous mode test failing on am64xx-sk  
LCPD-24691 am64xx-evm,j7200-evm,j721s2-evm,am62xx-evm Kernel: Upstream: Set HIGH_SPEED_EN for MMC1 instance  
LCPD-24690 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j7200-evm,j721s2-evm,am62xx-evm Kernel: SDK: Set HIGH_SPEED_EN for MMC1 instance  
LCPD-24680 am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,j721e-evm,j7200-evm missing document how to boot to Linux prompt in USB MSC boot mode  
LCPD-24595 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j721e-sk j721e-idk-gw USB Suspend/Resume with RTC Wakeup fail (Impact 1)  
LCPD-24593 am64xx-evm am64xx-evm CAN_S_FUNC_MODULAR test failures  
LCPD-24511 am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm ARM: A72/53 L1 data cache and L2 cache set counts wrong  
LCPD-24473 am64xx-evm IPSEC_software_crypto_UDP_aes128_sha1_performance  
LCPD-24467 am64xx-sk am64xx-sk stress boot test files  
LCPD-24456 am335x-evm,am335x-hsevm,am335x-ice,am335x-sk,am43xx-epos,am43xx-gpevm,am43xx-hsevm,am437x-idk,am437x-sk,am571x-idk,am572x-idk,am574x-idk,am574x-hsidk,am57xx-evm,am57xx-beagle-x15,am57xx-hsevm,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am654x-hsevm,beaglebone,bbai,beaglebone-black,dra71x-evm,dra71x-hsevm,dra72x-evm,dra72x-hsevm,dra76x-evm,dra76x-hsevm,dra7xx-evm,dra7xx-hsevm,j7am-evm,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-vlab,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,k2e-evm,k2e-hsevm,k2g-evm,k2g-hsevm,k2g-ice,k2hk-evm,k2hk-hsevm,k2l-evm,k2l-hsevm,omapl138-lcdk,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7amp-evm,j7ae-evm,j7am-vlab,j7am-zebu,j7ae-zebu,j7aep-zebu,j7amp-vlab,j7amp-zebu,j721e-sk,am62xx-evm,am62xx-sk,am62xx-hsevm,am62xx-vlab,am62xx-zebu,am62a-evm Move IPC validation source from github to git.ti.com  
LCPD-24448 am64xx-evm Verify IPC kernel: main-r5f0(s)/main-r5f1(s)  
LCPD-23102 am64xx-sk AM64-SK: DMA is not stable  
LCPD-23066 am64xx-sk am64x-sk :gpio: direction test fail  
LCPD-22931 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,dra72x-evm RemoteProc documentation missing  
LCPD-22912 am64xx-evm am64xx-evm SMP dual core test fails sporadically  
LCPD-22892 am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,am654x-idk icssg: due to FW bug both interfaces has to be loaded always  
LCPD-22834 am64xx-evm am64xx-evm stress boot test fails  
LCPD-22319 am64xx-evm,j7200-evm OpenSSL performance test data out of bounds  
LCPD-22215 am64xx-evm PCIE NVM card stops enumerating on am64xx after some time  
LCPD-20705 am64xx-evm USB stick attached to PCIe USB card is not enumerated  
LCPD-20558 am64xx-sk OSPI UBIFS tests failing on am64xx-sk  
LCPD-20105 am64xx-evm AM64x: Kernel: ADC: RX DMA channel request fails  
LCPD-20061 am64xx-evm Occasional PHY error during during TSN Time-Aware Shaper execution  
LCPD-20006 am64xx-evm AM64x: remoteproc may be stuck in the start phase after a few times of stop/start Linux RT Kernel Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-24288 am64xx-evm,am654x-idk am64xx-evm NCM/ACM network performance test crashes with RT images