1.1.1. Download and Install the SDK

The Processor SDK Linux AM62x Installer will install the necessary components to start Linux development on the TI microprocessor.

The Processor SDK Linux AM62x Release supports installer only for Linux machine.

Installer Details Installers Name
PSDK Linux AM62x Installer (Linux version) ti-processor-sdk-linux-am62xx-evm-<version>-Linux-x86-Install.bin

Use Linux installer for complete source package, tools, prebuilt-image, filesystems, etc for product development.

From a windows machine, you can only flash a SD card. This can be done without installing the SDK. Use balenaEtcher to flash SD card from windows machine.

The Processor SDK Linux AM62x includes the ARM GCC toolchain. The Processor SDK Linux AM62x was built and tested against a specific Linux Distribution name and version, Ubuntu 18.04. Note that this does not prevent the user from installing the SDK on other Linux distributions.

Downloading the SDK installer

You can download the latest Processor SDK Linux AM62x installer from the AM62x-SDK-Download-page.

How to Run the SDK Installer in Linux

Make sure that the execute permissions are set. Bring up a terminal window and change directories to where the installer is located (probably the Downloads directory) and run the following commands:

chmod +x ./ti-processor-sdk-linux-am62xx-evm-<version>-Linux-x86-Install.bin

Alternatively, you can give execute permissions and run the “ti-processor-sdk-linux-am62xx-evm-<version>-Linux-x86-Install.bin” by double clicking on it within your Linux host PC.

How to Run the SDK Installer in Windows

Double click on the installer to begin installation.


As a part of the installation, the installer will run a script to configure your environment and extract the Linux devkit. This will cause the installation to continue for roughly a minute even after it shows that it has reached 100%.


If nothing seems to happen, your computer may be running a 32-bit version of its operating system. The installer is 64-bit, and will not execute properly.

Package Overview

This AM62x Software development kit contains Linux device drivers, sample examples and application specific demos. The SDK has the below folder structure

Folder Name Description
bin set-up scripts, SD card image creation script
board-support Linux board supported packages (prebuilt-images, tools, Linux kernel and u-boot in source)
docs Manifest and License
filesystem Prebuilt Filesystems (both tar and wic images)
linux-devkit Linux development kit (tools, compilers etc.)
example-applications Sample examples and application specific demos (GUI composer of benchmark demos)

Refer Release Notes for complete feature-set and further details



Processor SDK Linux AM62x contains only the Linux specific source and application intended to runs on A53/Linux core. For R5F and RTOS/NO-RTOS side source and applications, refer MCU+ SDK package [Use Link].

Instructions to set-up CCS