6.1.7. How to playback audio over HDMIΒΆ

SK-AM62Ax supports audio playback over HDMI. This requires shorting a jumper on the board, and applying an additional DT overlay (.dtbo) file: k3-am62x-sk-hdmi-audio.dtbo.

Steps to enable audio over HDMI:

  1. Toggle the FET switch that shares audio lines between the 3.5mm Jack and HDMI connector. For this you have to short a jumper on the SK-AM62Ax, at the location marked below:

  2. Follow the How to enable DT overlays in linux guide for steps on building and adding the overlay in your SD card.

    (You may skip this step if the overlay is already present in /boot/dtb/ti under the root partition of your SD card)

  3. Enable the HDMI audio overlay by updating the name_overlays variable in the uEnv.txt file under the BOOT partition on your SD card.

  4. Finally, reboot the board and playback a .WAV or raw PCM data using aplay:

    aplay <path to wav file>

    You can also check out the Audio Linux Driver Guide for more information on using aplay.

Note: To playback or capture audio on 3.5mm jack, you will need to remove the jumper cable and the overlay from uEnv.txt. Only one of the peripherals can be used at any given time.