5.3.1. Qt5 Thermostat HMI DemoΒΆ

Qt-based Thermostat HMI demo

The morphing of devices like the basic thermostat into a breed of power smart thermostats has shown how the appliances in residences today must adapt, re-imagine and, in some cases, reinvent their role in the connected home of the future or risk being left behind. Thermostats in particular have come a long way since they were first created. There was a time when the mechanical dial thermostat was the only option. It was simple and intuitive to operate because what you saw was what you got. The user simply set the temperature and walked away. Unfortunately, it was not efficient. Energy and money could be wasted since its settings would only change when someone manually turned the dial to a new temperature. Modern thermostats provide a much richer Graphical Interface, with several features. Processor SDK now includes a Qt5 based thermostat with the following key features - that should easily enable customers to use as a starting point for further innovation.

  • Display three-day weather forecast, daily temperature range for the selected city from openweathermap.org
  • Display and adjust room temperature
  • Pop-up menu to select city, temperature format and set network proxy
  • Weekly temperature schedule
  • Away Energy saving mode


Fig. 5.1 Figure1: three-day weather forecast


Fig. 5.2 Figure2: Select City for weather forecasts


Fig. 5.3 Figure3: Set Proxy for Internet connectivity


Fig. 5.4 Figure4: Weekly temperature schedule


Fig. 5.5 Figure5: Inside temperature, Away energy saving settings

The demo is hosted at http://git.ti.com/apps/thermostat-demo, and also the sources are located at


The code can be compiled, installed using top-level SDK Makefile

make qt-tstat-clean
make qt-tstat
make qt-tstat-install