2.3. Migration Guide


This page covers migration information for applications built on top of the Processor SDK Linux AM62X.

2.3.1. Processor SDK Linux AM62X 08.xx Releases Processor SDK 08.03

  • This is the first release of Processor SDK Linux AM62X.

2.3.2. AM62 SD UHS Speed modes Enable

In 08.03 release, SD card enumeration failures were observed on a few U1 class of SD cards. These include but not limited to,

  1. Microcenter U1 class cards
  2. Kingston U1 class cards
  3. HP U1 class cards

A conservative approach was taken to disable UHS modes by default, and support wide range of SD cards. However if required they can be enabled by using the following steps,

  • Yocto build Flow

    1. Revert the following commits, from meta-processor-sdk layer

    2. Cleaning up U-Boot and Kernel repos

      $MACHINE=am62x-evm bitbake -f linux-ti-staging-c do_cleansstate
      $MACHINE=am62x-evm bitbake -f u-boot-ti-staging -c do_cleansstate
    3. Rebuild the wic image

      $MACHINE=am62x-evm bitbake -f tisdk-default-image
  • Building from source tree

    Run the following commands in respective src tree directories to revert UHS disable patches.

    1. <SDK_INSTALL_PATH>/board-support/linux-5.10.109+gitAUTOINC+9e58028f94-g9e58028f94

      patch -p1 -R < patches/0001-arm64-dts-ti-k3-am62-main-Disable-UHS-speed-modes-on.patch
    2. <SDK_INSTALL_PATH>/board-support/u-boot-2021.01+gitAUTOINC+74fc69c889-g74fc69c889

      patch -p1 -R < patches/0001-Revert-arm-dts-k3-am625-sk-u-boot-Add-u-boot-tag-to-.patch
      patch -p1 -R < patches/0002-Revert-configs-am62x_evm_a53_defconfig-Enable-config.patch
    3. Recompile dtb

      make linux-dtbs
    4. Recompile the kernel Image

      make linux
    5. Recompile the bootloaders

      make u-boot