2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Overview

The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor-SDK) for Android provides a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Android based applications and includes the following:

  • Bootloaders & Filesystems
  • SDK Installer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Makefiles
  • eMMC Images
  • Android UI
  • Example Applications

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below. In addition, see Processor SDK Android GPLv3 Disclaimer

2.1.3. Documentation

  • Software Developer Guide: Provides information on features, functions, delivery package and, compile tools for the Processor SDK Android release. This also provides detailed information regarding software elements and software infrastructure to allow developers to start creating applications.
  • Getting Started Guide: provides information on getting the software and running examples/demonstrations bundled in the SDK.
  • Software Manifest: Provides license information on software included in the SDK release. This document is in the release at [INSTALL-DIR]/docs.
  • EVM Quick Start Guide: Provides information on hardware setup and running the demonstration application that is loaded on flash. This document is provided as part of the EVM kit.

2.1.4. Release 06.03.00

Released April 2020

What’s New

  • This is a “P-Pastry” based release of Processor SDK Android

Release Features

Following features are enabled/tested in this release for AM57x:

  • Boot: fastboot, emmc boot, GP with FIT model
  • Platform: LPAE support, SELinux Permissive mode
  • Connectivity: USB2.0/USB3.0 Host, Gadget, Ethernet, PRU Ethernet, SD card detect, eMMC
  • Power: AVS0, MPU DVFS, ABB
  • Thermal: Governors implemented for MPU (On Die), Monitoring implemented for all on chip sensors
  • Video: 720p30 MP4/H264/MP2
  • Audio: MP3/AAC playback
  • Display: SGX accelerated UI and touch, DRM/KMS
  • Android Treble Support

SDK Components and Versions

Component Version
Linux Kernel 4.19.98
U-boot 2019.01
Android Android Pie (9.0)
OPTEE 3.5.0
ATF 2.1
Android Toolchain clang-4691093 v6.0.2 (LLVM 6.0.2svn)
Kernel Toolchain ang 8.0.8 (based on r349610)
GCC Toolchain 8.3-2019.03

2.1.5. Supported Platforms

See Processor_SDK_Supported_Platforms_and_Versions for a list of supported platforms and links to more information.

2.1.6. Issue Tracker Issues opened in previous releases that were closed on this release

Record ID Platform Title
LCPD-15227 am57xx-evm, am654x-evm Android: Android System Internal error reported at boot_complete Issues found and closed on this release that may be applicable to prior releases

Record ID Platform Title
LCPD-15563 am57xx-evm omapdrm: display ordering based on alias is broken
LCPD-15593 am571x-idk, am574x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-beagle-x15, am654x-evm, am654x-idk Android: Compliance tests fail to execute on all supported platforms
LCPD-15560 am571x-idk, am574x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-beagle-x15 Android: GPEVM fails to boot with LCD configuration
LCPD-15542 am654x-evm Android: Core services continually restarted
LCPD-15521 am571x-idk, am574x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-beagle-x15, am654x-evm, am654x-idk Android: modetest missing from file system
LCPD-15595 am571x-idk, am574x-idk, am57xx-evm, am57xx-beagle-x15, am654x-evm, am654x-idk Android: failure in loading firmware from vendor/firmware/
LCPD-15468 am571x-idk, am574x-idk Android: IDK boards fails to boot
LCPD-15395 am654x-evm Android: AM6: Binder Errors due to continual audio services crashing Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-15886 am654x-evm Exception observed when starting gallery  
LCPD-15858 am654x-evm Android: AM6: Screen cap shows graphics cache Issue  
LCPD-15830 am57xx-evm, am654x-evm Android: CTS Execution Failure on Pie builds  
LCPD-15829 am57xx-evm, am654x-evm Android: VTS Execution Failure on Pie builds  
LCPD-15514 am57xx-evm Android boot time is noticeable higher than previous releases  
LCPD-13409 am571x-idk, am574x-idk Android: IDK: Bootloader images fail to boot from eMMC  
LCPD-13797 am57xx-evm Android:CTS Failures  
LCPD-14443 am654x-evm CTS failures detected  
LCPD-14442 am654x-evm Ethernert port does not obtain ip address  
LCPD-15643 am57xx-evm, am654x-evm Android: Monkey test fails to run  
LCPD-15642 am57xx-evm Android: kernel errors observed while trying to run cts  
LCPD-15644 am57xx-evm, am57xx-beagle-x15 Android: Unable to set the HDMI mode via ro.hwc.hdmiedid  
LCPD-16140 am571x-idk Video is jerky when LCD and HDMI are connected  
LCPD-12928 am57xx-evm Periodic frame freezes observed while decoding H264 video  
LCPD-15742 am654x-evm Android: AM6: PVR: Build warnings in kernel driver build  
PANDSDK-207 am574x-idk Application icons not showing correctly is second boot AM57x: http://git.ti.com/android/device-ti-beagle-x15/commit/aa11b36aaa11c300cbeccfa653f8efca17fe9714, http://git.ti.com/android/hardware-ti-am57x/commit/ef3412ac548a0afa97c68d00f1d494b137289a0e AM65x: http://git.ti.com/android/vendor-ti-am65x/commit/690354778b8b70c68e5f22fbd1452402d6184285 , http://git.ti.com/android/hardware-ti-am65x/commit/8054f800d4d00897859e65f8911dd7f66bba1464
PANDSDK-208 am571x-idk, am572x-idk sudo ./adb root command crashes OS and reboots board  

2.1.7. Installation and Usage

The Software Developer’s Guide provides instructions on how to setup up your Android development environment, install the SDK and start your development.

2.1.8. Host Support

The Processor SDK is developed, built and verified on Ubuntu 16.04, and 18.04.


Processor SDK Installer is 64-bit, and installs only on 64-bit host machine. Support for 32-bit host is dropped as Linaro toolchain is available only for 64-bit machines