2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Introduction

The Processor Software Development Kit for Android provides a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Android-based application and includes the following:

  • Bootloader components
  • Linux Kernel and
  • Android file system

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page.

2.1.3. Release 08.06.00

Released on February 2023 What’s new

  • This is a Android 12 based release of Processor SDK Android Release Features

Following features are enabled/tested in this release for AM62x Android:

  • Boot: eMMC boot, fastboot based flashing, A/B partition
  • Security: Keymaster and gatekeeper implementaton with OP-TEE
  • Platform: SELinux Enforced mode with User build, ADB over USB
  • Connectivity: Ethernet and Wi-Fi (WiLink) support, USB touch
  • Graphics: GPU accelerated UI with Hwcomposer
  • Audio: HDMI Output and Jack Audio Output/Input
  • Multimedia: SW Video Decode/Encode, USB Camera Supported
  • Android Baseport: Support of Generic System Image,
  • Display: Support for LVDS panel and dual display (mirroring and extended)
  • Power: LPM demo using rtcwake SDK Components and Versions

Component Version
Android Android 12 / Android 12 Car
Linux Kernel Linux 5.10.168
Linux Kernel Toolchain clang-r450784e
U-boot 2021.01
GCC Toolchain GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)
Hardware Supported AM62X-SK / AM62X-LP Release 08.06.00a Patch Release

A patch release has been made on top of SDK 8.6 that brings in below updates:

  • CSI Camera preview feature
  • Regression fix for Car UI build and Low Power Mode

All the changes are only in userspace components. Kernel and U-boot remain the same as SDK 8.6. To get this update, use the alternate manifest file mentioned in section Downloading Sources

2.1.4. Documentation

  • Getting Started Guide page provides information on getting started with pre-built binaries and booting the Android images on EVM.
  • Building the SDK page provides information on downloading and building the Android images from sources.
  • Application Notes page provides Some Application Notes.

2.1.5. Host Support

The Processor SDK is developed, built and verified on Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04. For all other versions of Host support refer to Android documentation.

2.1.6. Known Issues

Issues Description
SITSW-1387 Mcasp: Buffer underflow console messages seen
SITSW-1386 Some commands don’t work from native console, but works via adb shell