AM243x MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
Memory Map Layout


This section explains the MSRAM and DDR memory layout for AM243X.


AM243X SOC has a total of 2MB MSRAM.It's divided into 8 banks of 256KB each. Below picture shows the memory layout details of MSRAM for an application using all the cores, along with Linux. If an application is using only one core, then it can use the banks reserved for other cores. For example, EtherCAT example running on R5F0_0, uses all the banks except the ones reserved for SBL and DMSC(Figure 2). On the other hand, Bench mark demo which is running on all R5F cores and also needs Linux, uses the memory areas strictly reserved for the respective cores(Figure 1).

It can be seen that the initial 512 KB of MSRAM is reserved for SBL usage. This is for a combined bootloader image which contains the System Controller Firmware (SYSFW) to be loaded into the DMSC Cortex M3 and the SYSFW Board Configuration data as well. When reserving memory for the application in the linker.cmd file, the user shouldn't touch this reserved area. If it overlaps, SBL might overwrite itself while loading the core image during the boot process. There are checks in SBL so that it would throw an error if a section address falls in this reserved memory.

While this memory is reserved, if the application image has a NO-LOAD section, it should still be okay to put that in the reserved memory. But care should be taken which core the application is running in. If the application is running in a core other than the core SBL is running in (usually the R5F0-0 core), the application may start before the SBL comes to a halt and cause a race condition on the memory access and might crash SBL. This can be problematic in multi-core image scenarios. So make sure to assign only the non-SBL-reserved part of the MSRAM to the application if it is running on a non self core. If this is not possible, make necessary arrangements in the application and SBL to wait till SBL ends and then start executing the application.

Also in the last 128 KB of memory used by DMSC during run time, initial 80 KB gets free if a security handover happens. Security handover happens in SBL just before the reset release of the SBL core (ie R5 Cluster 0, Core 0 and 1). So the applications will be able to use the initial 80 KB of the last 128 KB of memory in SRAM once SBL completes execution. It would be advisable to attempt the usage of this region from R5-0 or R5-1 inorder to avoid race around conditions or user can implement handshakes to ensure race conditons are managed. The last 48 KB still will be used by DMSC.

In the case where SBL is not used, and boot is completely carried out in linux flow with SPL and UBoot, please refer to the appropriate linux SDK documentation to understand the SRAM memory usage.

MSRAM usage


This section is not applicable for AM243x Launch Pad

Entire 2 GB of DDR is unallocated in applicable boards.