AM243x MCU+ SDK  09.00.00


This bootloader does SOC initializations and attempts to boot a multicore appimage present at 0x80000 location in the OSPI Flash. To flash a multicore appimage at this location, follow the steps mentioned in Basic steps to flash files.

If a multicore appimage is found at the location, the SBL parses it, splits it into RPRCs for each core applicable. Each core is then initialized, RPRC image is loaded, entry points are set and the core is released from reset. For more on bootflow/bootloaders, please refer Understanding the bootflow and bootloaders

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am243x-evm, am243x-lp
Example folder examples/drivers/boot/sbl_ospi

Steps to Run the Example

Since this is a bootloader, the example will be run every time you boot an application using this example. It is run from a OSPI boot media unlike other examples which are usually loaded with CCS. Nevertheless, you can build this example like you do for the others using makefile or build it via CCS by importing as a project.

  • When using CCS projects to build, import the CCS project for the required combination and build it using the CCS project menu (see Using SDK with CCS Projects).
  • When using makefiles to build, note the required combination and build using make command (see Using SDK with Makefiles)
  • Refer to the page Basic steps to flash files to flash this bootloader along with the application to boot.

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Sample Output

Starting OSPI Bootloader ...
[BOOTLOADER PROFILE] System_init : 19466us
[BOOTLOADER PROFILE] Drivers_open : 140us
[BOOTLOADER PROFILE] Board_driversOpen : 21921us
[BOOTLOADER_PROFILE] SBL Total Time Taken : 78791us