AM243x MCU+ SDK  09.00.00


This is a bootloader which does SOC initializations and put all the cores in WFI. This example is what is referred to as the SOC initialization binary in Flash SOC Initialization Binary. The SBL NULL does not load any images on the cores. For more information on how this example is being used, refer Flash SOC Initialization Binary

SBL NULL honors the various core variants of the device. The core variants might have lesser number of cores, SBL NULL will not initialize any disabled core. This is achieved by reading JTAG USER ID register of the SOC to identify the features.

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am243x-evm, am243x-lp
Example folder examples/drivers/boot/sbl_null

Steps to Run the Example

Since this is a bootloader and is used as a SOC initialization binary, the example will be run every time you boot an application using this example. It is generally run from a boot media (OSPI Flash, SD Card) unlike other examples which are usually loaded with CCS. Nevertheless, you can build this example like you do for the others using makefile or build it via CCS by importing as a project.

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Sample Output

Starting NULL Bootloader ...
DMSC Firmware Version 21.1.1--v2021.01a (Terrific Lla
DMSC Firmware revision 0x15
DMSC ABI revision 3.1
INFO: Bootloader_runCpu:151: CPU r5f1-0 is initialized to 800000000 Hz !!!
INFO: Bootloader_runCpu:151: CPU r5f1-1 is initialized to 800000000 Hz !!!
INFO: Bootloader_runCpu:151: CPU m4f0-0 is initialized to 400000000 Hz !!!
INFO: Bootloader_loadSelfCpu:214: CPU r5f0-0 is initialized to 800000000 Hz !!!
INFO: Bootloader_loadSelfCpu:214: CPU r5f0-1 is initialized to 800000000 Hz !!!
INFO: Bootloader_runSelfCpu:235: All done, reseting self ...