Third Party Protocol Stacks or Customers using their own Stacks

In this model, the adaptation of stack to PRU-ICSS on TI SoCs needs to be done by third party vendors or customers themselves. SDK provides the PRU-ICSS firmware for protocols and the hardware abstraction layer APIs to communicate with thr firmware.

Industrial Communications FWHAL

FWHAL(Firmware and Hardware Abstraction Layer) implements the key interface between protocol specific PRU-ICSS firmware and protocol stack. The PRU-ICSS firmware runs on the PRU cores, offloading the time-critical link layer processing from the main ARM processor, running FreeRTOS. The FW HAL provides simple access to the PRU-ICSS resources and integrates easily with the protocol stack and application software running on the ARM core.

FWHAL for following industrial communication protocols are present:


  • EtherCAT SubDevice : EtherCAT SubDevice Beckhoff SSC Demo example for EtherCAT SubDevice is based on Beckhoff SSC. The stack sources should be added manually and patched to build this example. Files for adapting the stack to EtherCAT SubDevice FWHAL are present in ${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/source/industrial_comms/ethercat_slave/beckhoff_stack/stack_hal folder.
  • HSR/PRP(High Availability Seamless Redundancy/Parallel Redundancy Protocol) : HSR_PRP Demo