AM243x Motor Control SDK  09.00.00
Digital Control Library (DCL)


The Sitaraâ„¢ Digital Control Library (DCL) provides a suite of robust software functions for developers of digital control applications using the Texas Instruments Sitara MCU. DCL is a header-only library, and all functions in the library are provided in the form of C source-code.

The DCL contains PI,PID and "Direct Form" controller types. The former are typically used to tune properties of a transient response, while the latter are typically used to shape the open loop frequency response.

In addintion, DCL contains functions to convert controller parameters from one type to the other. As well as functions to parameterize the controller given a transfer function.

Several utility modules such as error handling, data logging are also included as a supporting module.

Features Supported

Supported controller modules (floating-point)

  • Linear PI
  • Linear PID
  • Linear PI with double integrator
  • Direct Form 1 (first order)
  • Direct Form 1 (third order)
  • Direct Form 2 (second order)
  • Direct Form 2 (third order)

Other utility modules:

  • Error Handling
  • Testpoints
  • Data Logging

Features Not Supported

(Compared with C2000Ware's DCL)

  • Fix-point controller modules
  • Non-linear PID controller
  • Reference Generator and performance index
  • Multi-channel data logs

Benchmark Results

A benchmark on R5F core has been conducted to observe the following results when running controller arithmetic:

Controller Function Cpu Cycles
PI Controller
DCL_runPISeries 49
DCL_runPIParallel 50
DCL_runPISeriesTustin 56
DCL_runPIParallelEnhanced 62
PI2 Controller
DCL_runPI2Series 74
PID Controller
DCL_runPIDSeries 65
DCL_runPIDParallel 65
DF11 Controller
DCL_runDF11 24
DF13 Controller
DCL_runDF13 43
DCL_runDF13Clamp 53
DF22 Controller
DCL_runDF22 27
DCL_runDF22Clamp 41
DF23 Controller
DCL_runDF23 29
DCL_runDF23Clamp 45
PID 64bit Controller
DCL_runPIDF64Series 185
DCL_runPIDF64Parallel 174
  • Ran with TI Clang Compiler v2.1.3.LTS, with -Os flag and all DCL functions inlined, obtained the average result from 600 consecutive reading of running the controller with DPL CycleCountP.
  • Simulated inputs are based on arbitrary sinusoidal waves and saturation condition that roughly clamps ~50% of the time. For functions with clamp (PI,PI2,PID and DF Clamps), clock cycle varies depending on clamping condition and provided inputs.
  • Actual result may vary depending on provided datasets and memory configuration. For R5F, it is recommended for users to map control loops to TCM for the best performance.

Provided Examples

The following examples has been provided to demonstrate the DCL library:

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