Release Notes 09.00.00

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
For release notes of MCU+ SDK, please refer to AM243X MCU+ SDK Release Notes 09.00.00.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on all supported EVMs

New in this Release

IOLink v1.1.3 Support
Ethernet/IP Discrete IO example added
ICSSM Profinet FW supports four MAC address
ICSSG Layer 2 example (Enet Layer 2 ICSSG Example) is divided in to two new examples : ICSSG Layer 2 dual MAC and ICSSG Layer 2 Switch examples.
Enet PHY loopback for ICSSG on NoRTOS (baremetal) is added

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs Boards Host PC
AM243x R5F AM243x GP EVM (referred to as am243x-evm in code),
AM243x LAUNCHPAD (referred to as am243x-lp in code)
Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Tools, Compiler and Other Open Source SW Module Information

Tools / SW module Version
Code Composer Studio 12.4.0
SysConfig 1.17.0, build 3128
MCU+ SDK 9.0.0
TI ARM CLANG 2.1.3.LTS is not part of CCS by default, Follow steps at TI CLANG Compiler Toolchain to install the compiler.

Key Features

Profinet Device Stack and example. For more information, see Profinet Stack Transition

Fixed Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Resolution/Comments
PINDSW-5663 EtherCAT: General Stack Memory footprint data not updated in Documentation EtherCAT Device 08.06.00
PINDSW-5667 EtherCAT Slave Demo doesn't work with AM243x Launch Pad EtherCAT Device 08.06.00
PINDSW-5686 EtherNet/IP: LLDP forwarding issue EtherNet/IP Adapter 08.04.00
PINDSW-6493 Add an option to change the PHY MDIO addresses in Sysconfig ICSSG 08.04.00
PINDSW-6494 ENET: Performance Degrade Layer2 ICSSG Example ICSSG 08.05.00
PINDSW-6635 EtherNet/IP: Conformance Test LLDP Management Object and LLDP data table EtherNet/IP Adapter 08.06.00

Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Workaround
PINDSW-5666 EtherNet/IP : PTP Device is unable to keep offset under 1000 ns EtherNet/IP Adapter 08.04.00 Value of OFFSET_THRESHOLD_FOR_RESET is set to 10000 ns by default in SDK
PINDSW-5668 HSR/PRP is not functional in rgmii mode HSR-PRP 08.04.00
PINDSW-5675 HSR/PRP - PTP Device is unable to keep offset under 1000 ns HSR-PRP 08.04.00
PINDSW-5781 MDIO Workaround - Polling mode does not work with EtherCAT EtherCAT Device 08.06.00
PINDSW-6498 ICSSG0: could not send Ethernet packets out ICSSG 08.04.00 onwards
PINDSW-6500 DMA resource acquisition failure error occurs, when running the enet_icssg_tcpserver example on the R5FSS0_1 core ICSSG 08.06.00 onwards
PINDSW-6587 EtherCAT syscfg - Rx MLINK enable does not enables MLINK if it is disabled from application EtherCAT Device 08.06.00
PINDSW-6624 AM243x: ENET: ICSSG TAS Example Failure ICSSG 08.06.00 onwards

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

This section lists changes which could affect user applications developed using older SDK versions. Read this carefully to see if you need to do any changes in your existing application when migrating to this SDK version relative to previous SDK version. Also refer to older SDK version release notes to see changes in earlier SDKs.


Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks


Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks