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MSP430™ SMBus Library

Release Notes 

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This is the MSP430™ SMBus Library.

The MSP430™ SMBus Library is a royalty-free set of API's that provide support for master and slave protocols in a SMBus communication system.

This document is divided into the following sections:


What's New

Revision History

Installation and Usage

The SMBus Library contains the following components.

doc API Guide, Users Guide, and Examples Guide
driverlibMSP430™ Driverlib required for using the SMBus library with MSP4305xx_6xx devices
src Library source code
examples Example projects

Upgrade Information


Host Support

This release supports installation and development on Microsoft Windows Workstations.


Device Support

This release supports the following Texas Instruments MS430 device families:

Validation Information

This release is a GA version.

Upgrade and Compatibility Information



The examples may be built with either IAR or CCS. To build the examples navigate to example folder, select a project and click the .eww project files for IAR or import the .projectspec file for CCS. See the SMBus Examples Guide for detailed usage instructions.

Current supported experimenters boards are found in the Device Support section of the release notes.

Known Issues



This is build of  MSP430™ SMBus Library

Technical Support and Product Updates


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