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The MSP-BSL (previously called the MSP430-BSL, or BSL Rocket) is a low-cost programmer. It is designed for easy USB communication between a PC and the BSL of a MSP microcontroller. The MSP-BSL is a collaboration project between Olimex LTD and Texas Instruments. PCB and firmware for the MSP-BSL are open source.

The MSP-BSL supports UART, I2C and SPI communication.
It is available through Olimex.
The MSP-BSL Programmer is described in the MSP-BSL Bootloader (BSL) Programmer for MSP430 and MSP432 User's Guide (SLAU573).

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MSP-BSL Bootstrap Loader (BSL) Programmer ("BSL Rocket") Documentation, firmware image and source code 720K
MD5 Checksum 4K

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