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MSP430_USB_Developers_Package 4_00_02 Product Download Page

Build date: 10102013

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Product Information


The USB Developers Package for MSP430 is a software package that contains all necessary source code and sample applications that are required to start developing a USB-based MSP430 application. The package only supports MSP430 USB devices.


  •  contains components that are all BSD licensed.
    • MSP430 USB API that supports Virtual COMport (CDC), Human Interface (HID), Mass Storage (MSC) and Continua Medical (PHDC) device classes.
    • MSP430 USB Descriptor Tool  which is BSD licensed and requires the user to install Java.
    • Java HID Demo - A Java based host application that makes it easy for a USB host PC to communicate with an MSP430-based device running the MSP430 HID Datapipe APIs. It is designed to make HID easy for general-purpose USB communication. Requires the user to install Java.
    • Python USB Field Firmware Upgrader - Allows customers to easily customize and release an installer package for upgrading MSP430-based devices in the field, using the MSP430's on-chip USB bootstrap loader (BSL). The package contains all necessary source code to enable quick and easy custom modification.
  • DescriptorTool-4_00_00-Setup.exe and  DescriptorTool-4_00_00-Linux-x86-Install
    • MSP430 Descriptor Tool Installers for Windows and Linux which do not require Java to be installed separately .
  • MSP430_USB_Firmware_Upgrade_Example-1.3.0-Setup.exe
    • Installer for Visual Studio based Field Firmware Upgrader. 
    • Installer for Python based Field Firmware Upgrader (This is also included in


New in 4.00.00

  • New Python based firmware upgrader
    • Supports Windows and Linux
    • Developed using open source python-msp430-tools
  • Improved Examples
    • New Simple Rx/Tx examples for CDC and HID
    • New example That shows how to use a timer to reduce interrupt latency
    • Examples better structured to work on various boards/devices.
    • Examples now use driverlib.
  • Improved Documentation
    • Programmers Guide re-worked
    • Documentation of examples moved into Examples Guide
    • API Documentation  is now in html format using doxygen.
  • Better CCS integration
    • TI-REX integration. The examples and tools can be found under MSP430Ware in TI-REX.
    • Examples now use CCS project spec files instead of entire CCS projects. This makes import and build easier. NOTE: See Release Notes for information on using with CCS v5.3 and CCSv5.4
  • Improved Directory Structure
    • Directories renamed to better describe their contents
    • Examples renamed to better describe their functionality.
  • Improved Descriptor Tool
    • Icons bigger and better
    • Interface views improved to reflect functionality
    • Help text bigger and better
    • Manipulation of views simplified
    • MSC structs generated. Less work for application.
  • USB_API changes
    • New USB API USB_setup() simplifies USB initialization
    • USB10 workaround can be enabled by defining USB10_WORKAROUND on the compiler command line
    • Resume interrupt latency can be reduced by defining USE_TIMER_FOR_RESUME on the compiler command line.
    • USB API now computes MCLK value at runtime to compute accurate delays when required.


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MSP430_USB_Developers_Package Product Downloads
Title Description Size
No Login USB 4_00_02 Stack and Examples 35124K
USB Descriptor Tool Installers
Unlocked DescriptorTool-4_00_02-Setup.exe Windows Descriptor Tool Installer 56636K
Unlocked DescriptorTool-4_00_02-Linux-x86-Install Linux Descriptor Tool Installer 19600K
USB Collateral Installers
Unlocked MSP430_USB_Firmware_Upgrade_Example-1.3.0-Setup.exe Firmware Upgrade Example (Windows-only Commercial licensed) 2928K
No Login Python based Firmware Upgrade Example (Open Source Licensed) 6544K
No Login md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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