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MSP430ware 1_20_01_08 Product Download Page

Build date: 07092012

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What is MSP430Ware?
MSP430Ware is a collection of code examples, datasheets and other design resources for ALL MSP430 devices delivered in a convenient package - essentially everything developers need to become MSP430 experts! Much like Stellaris MCU's StellarisWare and C2000 MCU's ControlSUITE, MSP430Ware also includes high level peripheral driver libraries to make it easy to talk to MSP430 hardware. As of today, MSP430 Driver Library supports 5 and 6 series devices.
MSP430Ware Features:
  • Collection of MSP430 design resources
  • Sleek & intuitive GUI for browsing content
  • Automatic filtering of content using a unique 2-pane view
  • Auto-updates through the web
  • Features the new MSP430 Driver Library
  • Available as a CCS plugin or standalone executable
Learn more about MSP430Ware and the Brand New Driver Library

Download MSP430Ware featuring Driver Library Now!

How do I MSP430Ware?
MSP430Ware is available as a component of Code Composer Studio (CCS), or as a standalone package. When delivered as a component of Code Composer Studio, the MSP430Ware package can be navigated through a sleek GUI within the TI Resource Explorer window in CCS.
  • Recommended. To get MSP430Ware and GUI-based front end, simply install the latest version of Code Composer Studio version 5.1 (or 5.2 when available in May)  from the table below
  • Alternatively, MSP430Ware is available as a standalone package. However, this will only provide the folder structure of the MSP430Ware package, and will not have a GUI-based front end. Download the MSP430Ware executable in the table below.
  • All FR57xx and FR59xx (Wolverine) devices require CCS 5.2+ and IAR 5.40+. 
Whats new in MSP430ware 1.20.01
  • Update to MSP430ware and drverLib 1.20 with support for CCS 5.2.1
  • eUSCI/USCI performance enhancement.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements for 5xx_6xx devices.
Extra Information for CCS 4.2.4 and IAR 5.20
CCS 4.2.4 and IAR 5.20 do not have the required header files needed for MSP430ware driver library.  MSP430ware driver library 1.00 had a copy of these files in the deprecated folder.   As of  MSP430ware 1.10 these files have been incorporated into the IDE so have been removed from the product.  If  using an older IDE, please also download legacy_ccs_headers.zip or  legacy_iar_headers.zip and follow the following instructions for installing the header files.

  1. Download the legacy header file for the IDE being used.
  2. Navigate to the installation directory of  MSP430ware 1.10 (default msp430ware_1_10_00_xx).
  3. Unzip legacy_ccs_headers.zip (CCS) or legacy_iar_headers.zip (IAR) in the MSP430ware installation directory (over write any existing files).


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MSP430ware Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Code Composer Studio 5.1 with MSP430ware Recomended CCS Download
Unlocked MSP430ware_setup_1.20.01.08.exe Standalone MSP430ware 131364K
Unlocked Image Reformer Utility Image size and color depth manipulation utility used in Graphics Library 56832K
No Login driverlib_1_20_01_00.zip BSD Licensed Driver Library only 7560K
CCS 4.2.4 and IAR 5.20 Collateral
No Login legacy_ccs_headers.zip Header file updates for CCS (not needed for CCS 5.1+!) 8016K
No Login legacy_iar_headers.zip Header file updates for IAR (not needed for IAR 5.40+!) 8132K
MSP430ware Documentation
MSP430ware API Guide
No Login MSP430ware Users Guide 388K
No Login md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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